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RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8100

Neil Davison

Very Nice little device

I've just been evaluating one of these for work and due to get one soon.

Its a great little device - looks stylish and has a good build quality .. perhaps with the exception of the 'pearl' trackball which feels cheap.

Whilts the keyboard is small and it takes a while to get used to the predictive text, its usable for short emails.

It will be popular for gadget freaks and people who want a stylish phone/email device from which you can send short replies.

However in my opionion this is obvioulsy the big push into the consumer market. Its so obvioulsy designed and marketed as a consumer device which will rival all the main players. Why do i think this ? Its got a camera, can play music & video's and is the first BB device to have a name rather than a number !

No doubt it will be a success though - it looks so good and is definatley usable as long as you dont want to write too long a replies to your emails !



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