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El Reg in email address blunder



Always look on the bright side of life....

If I did get the email, I would have deleted it without looking at it.... Damm wish I read it now!!!

BT vs Sky vs Virgin

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Its Simple

If you want speed go with Virgin. I have been on cable since it was blueyonder, in all that time I have NEVER lost an internet connection due to problems with Virgin. Also if they needed to complete upgrades they do it at hours that suite you so you do not lose your internet.

I will never go with sky, their internet is crap

I would only go with BT if I had a gun pointed to my head or if I moved out of a cable area.

Ford Focus 2011


Why, why, why!! Stick to what your good at.

Now on top gear we have the new android laptop, only one man was small enough to take it for a ride on our test track, over to Richard Hammond.

Well this laptop is not the best of rides, when I sit on it even my small frame brakes the screen, I think well go back to what we do best, having fun with cars!!!


'Super-secret' debugger discovered in AMD CPUs


Its the beginning of the End.

Amd have put these codes on their processors to take over the world. On some date in 2012, when that calender ends maybe, they will switch them on and we will all be terminated!!

15in Notebooks: Best Buys


MAJOR FAIL!!! I could do a better job.

I'm sorry you seem to missing the point here. You say the Acer is the best. ARE YOU MAD, or are you being paid by the company to say that. Considering the HP has got the best battery and also 3d mark score way over anyone elses. How can you justify the slow ACER being the best. No I was right first time your being paid either by ACER or INTEL to come up with that winner. Or are you anti AMD?

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