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Ex-Goldman Sachs programmer found guilty of code theft … again


So then lets make him V.P. of the "not so federal" Federal reserve then ..Isn't that S.O.P. these days?

Oh noes! New 'CRISIS DISASTER' at Fukushima! Oh wait, it's nothing. Again


on the east coast here in America we have hundreds upon hundreds of Dolphins dying due to an "Unknown Plague" could it possible be the metal drums they used to dump Nuke waste in 60 years ago could be failing ..No way that could never happen they are made of the best steel available NOT!

When ever big unfavorable news hits and the Mainstream media doesn't want it covered, they always try to clean it up or dumb it down or make it seem less troublesome than it really is , if they did not do this they would have to shut down the plant and clean up the mess and we all know that it's pretty much impossible to do that & who wanted to do that ? It would cost way too much money to try and get the contaminated water out of the non contaminated water A.K.A. the ocean when all they have to do is seal off the leaking water tank and use the existing ones that haven't failed YET.

Its way easier to pay a mews outlet and say the problem wasn't as big as it was first thought to be if fact it;s just a little ole puddle you could walk though with water proof boots on !~ "Nothing to see here folks go on home" ...Nothing to worry about at all !

Craigslist to tell Congress why it cut adult ads



I couldn't agree more with you Dy.Xym, Your 100% correct . Perhaps the police are pissed about having to investigate them all so they would rather not see nor hear about them at all. Thats my 2¢

Dr.Xym you must know by now , that anything that makes sense and is being done the right way needs to be changed immediately.

We can not have anything running properly & you know it isnt the police that are making C/list change their ads it's the common House wife thats afraid of her husband stopping after work to get a nice oily back rub so to speak . Also that guy that was running around killing people after he dates hem might have had something to do with it. The trouble with doing it now "Shutting them off now" is the police will have to start all over spend more tax payers money to find out what web site they have changed to . its kind of like blowing out one of those trick candles that re light accept this candle lights up on a different part of the cake http://www.theregister.co.uk/Design/graphics/icons/comment/fail_32.png


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