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European parliament loves the Tobin tax



Another pile of rubbish dressed as journalistic piece. This article is non-sense. The tobin tax aims to set a very small tax on speculative transactions. In small transactions will amount to very little but in large movements will amount to something. The writer seems another lackey of the finacial groups that brought us this crisis. Always preaching the same, whatever you do don't touch our money. Well, have a look at the GDP growth for the last 20 years, where has it gone? Not to peoples income but to the pockets of a few. Inequality just keeps rising, and middle-class income steady going down while we're being brainwashed not to think about it. Seems some sort of taboo you can't speak of.


Disconsolate Spanish smokers driven out into blizzard

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Always telling us what to do.

I'm ok with the reasoning that hostelry workers health should protected so they are not exposed to the fumes but I don't see why bars/restaurants can't set up a separate area -properly isolated and ventilated- where smokers can enjoy a drink. Shouldn't be a problem as long as it's not staffed. I think this has been the approach on some other European countries. This law seems to me as yet another attack on personal liberties by nanny state.


Spanish entertainment industry feels wrath of Anonymous


All targets have been affected:

www.sgae.es is down

www.mcu.es (Ministry of Culture) is down

www.promusicae.es (similar to British Phonographic Industry BPI) is down


Online hotel bookings to be probed for price-fixing


That dirty little secret

Very true. I have worked in IT for the hospitality industry for a number of years and "rate parity" has been the holy grail of hoteliers since the explosion of internet booking sites. They just repeat it as some kind of mantra normally followed by "control distribution channels". It definitively stinks of price fixing. Time to end it.



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