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Star Wars: The Old Republic

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There are dual classes....in fact the imperial agent Lucy is running has an advance choise to be healer/dps vice the full dps class she chose.

Overall the game has legs and should last. Some items need work...pvp instances have no brackets, level 10 fights level 50. Quite a few bugs in quests and maps. 'Flirting' with NPCs in storylines is allowed, but only cross gender, not quite realistic.

Duke Nukem flack eats words over threat to reviewers

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well well...El Reg saved me $59.95 so I'm happy

Reg's piece on DNF saved me from buying it. I looked forward to the game for years, only to find out it's utter trash.

Thanks El Reg!

End of the line for mechanical typewriters

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Robot Heaven?

Will they go to Robot Heaven with all the calculators?



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Rift still beats WoW....

Rift graphics absolutely kill WoW. I'd have to assume the writer has age'd kit. With the latest asus republic of gamers 17" lappy, and the game graphics set to 'ultra', it looks like real life. The characters have actual muscle showing under skin, everything looks 'real', unlike the cartoony WoW.

At level 40 I'm finding that a combination of questing, PVP warfronts, and closing Rifts is an efficient way to level and cut down on the 'boring'. All MMOs will have 'kill this many of x, gather this many of y type quests, don't call Rift bad because it's an MMO..

Is it the greatest thing ever? No.....many broken quests, annoying graphics bugs (ran an entire instance where no one in the party had legs...). I dropped my WoW sub though, this is better than WoW. TERA and Neverwinter Nights are on the horizon and I may end up dropping Rift for one of those, but for now, it's better than WoW.

Fukushima is a triumph for nuke power: Build more reactors now!

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Excellent article.

Despite some of the physicists here picking up on nits, the point of the article is well taken. These 'antique' nuclear power plants were subjected to an catastrophe well beyond their design limits, and did not produce the 'extinction event' that the Greenies always warn of.

Build more nuke power plants, use less oil and coal, it's just that simple.

Yes, the media circus clowns want you to think that these cores are melting to the center of the earth and the world is about to explode.....what's really happened is that they've been junked by the seawater and will need a complete refueling, and perhaps even replacement of the hugely expensive vessels, still not an environmental concern, simply a financial one.

Trident delay by the Coalition: Cunning plan, or bad idea?

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nicely done

Good article, submarines are outdated technologically before the first of a new class even hits the water, so keeping these aging boats about doesn't make sense. New missile boats will operate with less crew, cost less to deploy and maintain, and be harder to detect.

Yes, I'm a retired fast attack guy, wouldn't catch me on one of these three knots to nowhwere busses but they serve a purpose.

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