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Vue denies cinema phone ban plan


A word of support from a cinema employee

I'm in total agreement with the sorry state of cinemas these days. As a projectionist, there is rarely a time when I glance through the porthole from my lofty eyrie and not see the glow of a mobile phone screen glaring up at me. I personally would favour the use of a phone signal blanking generator. Such things are available but, frankly, never likely to be used by any cinema in the country. Unless all cinema chains adopted them at once, they'd be too concerned with loss of revenue from cinema-goers going elsewhere to use them. Likewise, how long do you think it would be before someone sued a cinema because "They missed an emergency call which led to increased stress and trauma because Auntie Doris had to be rushed into hospital after a fall."?

On mobile phones in general....how did we become such slaves to the machine? I carry a mobile phone for emergency use only....my emergency use....in case my car breaks down or something. I don't carry it so that every herbert in creation can phone me at any time of the day or night, no matter where I am. In that, sadly, I seem to be in a minority. And is it just me that finds it rude that, on receiving a call/text/whatever, the person I was interacting with immediately ignores me as if I've suddenly ceased to exist in order to slavishly attend their electronic master's whim?

I won't go into the people who seem to find it necessary to shout into their phone like it was some kind of wind-up handset from the 30's, nor will I moan about the sometimes entirely inappropriate ring-tones that people use - I'm sure the small kids in the foyer don't mind some rapper effing and blinding suddenly from the back-pocket of some brain-dead imbecile.

Yeah....I don't like mobile phones generally!



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