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Can My ISP Delete my Incoming Mails?


To delete the email and not send a bounce message back to the sender informing them that is hasn't gotten through is extremely back practice. Were any bounce messages sent to the senders of those messages that were deleted?

Success! Curiosity Mars lander arrives precisely on schedule


Re: What are they all doing?

You have to be trolling, right?

Aga cooks up phone-controlled 'iOven'

Paris Hilton

Easily amused?

I actually chuckled at Stove Jobs

Titsup WHMCS calls the Feds after credit-card megaleak

Thumb Down

It's all very well encrypting the credit card into in the database, though when you leave the salt in plain text in your config files and the whole cPanel account backup gets offered up for download then that encryption pretty much means squat.

Cancel your cards people.

Printers SMASHED to bits in Office Space copycat revenge vid


If you want something doing...

All this made me want to do is smash up a printer, properly.

Slow-mo the video and dress it up with dubstep all you want; these misguided axe/hammer attempts have left me frustrated more than anything.

New iPads to hit Apple stores on Friday



Media groups propose anti-piracy 'code of practice' for UK search



It has a typo:


Its screwing with my OCD...

Lloyds TSB online banking, ATMs titsup in server crash

IT Angle


The "network server" was down?

/me facepalm



If its "PC" media you're after...

...add the following to your whitelist and block all others:


PS: You say you'll be leaving though I'd be willing to bet you'll be back, recoiling at unexpected profanity once more (I mean seriously, who "recoils"?) and spreading your miserable view of life and how things "should be" upon all us commentards...

Amazon Kindle Fire


Buy it, root it, use it.

Cant wait to get my hands on one of these when they're available in the UK.

Apple cofounder Steve Jobs is dead at 56


My condolences go to his family and friends, as others have said, 56 is too young.

It does make me wonder if perhaps this was the reason the iPhone 5 wasn't launched yesterday though; surely it'd be a PR nightmare to associate the new product with an event such as this?

SanDisk Memory Zone


A Pretty Decent App

I find it useful sometimes to have a graphical representation of my SD cards usage; it brought to my attention all the old backup files I had laying around that ROM Manager had placed before each upgrade.

So yeah, thanks for freeing up a few GB's.

MySQL.com breach leaves visitors exposed to malware


Lowlife scum

Is it just me that thinks this every single time I read about one of these skiddy hacks?

<-- What I'd like to do to them...

Facebook security profiling doesn't like African log-ins


I don't see the problem here, Raj is using Facebook in a way that is not supported; if this is causing issues for him, instead of labelling it as "discrimination" he should simply find a service which provides and supports the service he requires.

Range Rover Evoque Si4


Range Rover Drivers

Anybody would've thought that they're an easy bunch to hate.

Why is that I wonder?

Go SMS Pro


Required title!

Installed just this morning after reading this article, its much much better than the likes of Handscent SMS; thanks El Reg!!

Google Docs app lands on Android

Thumb Up

OCR Recognition

They've done a great job with the OCR recognition, took a blurry image of some small italic text from a text book next to me and it got around 97% of it all correct; the only bits it fell down on were some special characters which were formatted weirdly.

Great for snapping shots of documents to come back to later on your computer; who does word processing on a mobile anyways?!

Email worm wants to party like it's 1999 (almost)


Has anyone got any veras?

The title of this article "party like it's 1999" has meant I've spent most of my day listening to "Ebeneezer Good" by "Shamen"....


Oh what a carry on...

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