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Ofcom ploughs up UK spectrum fields, reseeds them with 4G


Re: 3dB

There's some poor maths going on in the article.

I think the author is assuming that 3dB means there is 2^3 times the power.

BT in ad slapdown after 'misleading' punters on fibre deployment dates


Re: Misleading

At least if you're "too close" to the exchange, you should already have reasonably speedy internet. Not like the 1.5mbps we get!



What is really misleading is telling you that your exchange will be activated on whatever date, then realising the cabinet your line is attached to will never be upgraded!

Schmidt 'very proud' of Google's tiny tax bill: 'It's called capitalism'


Re: Go Capitalism!

I suspect that Google pay for the following:

Train tickets, road tax, petrol duty.

Their electricity and gas bills.

Private health care for their employees.

Wages for said employees that are then taxed with Employees National Insurance, Employers National Insurance, Income Tax.

The employees then pay council tax for their "local services" and VAT on virtually everything they buy.

This all probably amounts to slightly more than bugger all.

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Good for them.

I'm all for this.

The less money those 650 idiots in Parliament have to spend on bribing the electorate, the better.

Windows 8: A soaraway Kinect? Or is it Red Ink Friday for Microsoft?


Re: "This was Microsoft’s second foray into hardware"

And, obviously, the first Xbox.

Web snooping bill an 'odious shopping list of new gov powers'

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Re: The political maverick is not dead

You should read Douglas Carswell's blog if you want to see an MP sticking it to their own party...


Strong ARM: The Acorn Archimedes is 25

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Those were the days

I spent many hours playing 4th dimension games on this... E-Type, Saloon Cars, Nevron, Apocalypse, etc. Maybe you could do an Antique Code Show of these.

We had a word-processor, a paint program and a 9 pin dot-matrix printer. And an adapter that allowed you to use Amiga joysticks via the parallel port. And a handheld scanner!!

The best time came when my mum brought home a digital camera from school that used floppy disks!

Crikey, nostalgia o'clock.

People-powered Olympic shopping mall: A sign of utter tech illiteracy


E = MC^2 right?

So how about we convert the population of Stratford to energy?

100kg of overweight chav would provide a good boost to our supplies.

BT accidentally chokes bandwidth to 'superfast' customers


This is why I would never buy anything from BT

First Phorm, now this. Thieving bastas.

DWP spent £1m on search engine 'biasing' in single year


Labour Propoganda

El Reg, bear in mind that Chris Grayling had nothing to do with the DWP in 2009/2010.

All this money was spent under the auspices of the Labour Government and we all know how expensive the Labour Propoganda Machine is!

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