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Aunty squirts serendipity into TV apps


Adam Curtis is what television was made for!

Adam Curtis is a genius! I don't remember being stimulated since A.J.P.Taylor 'talked to the screen'. And, just when you despair of the BBC along comes 'Watched over by machines of loving grace' and The Shadow Line - of course, bumped off to BBC 2 because the BBC knows that the hoi polloi, tou stupid by 'alf, won't bother watching. But Clarks 'Civilisation', Dennis Potters hits and misses, and Adam Curtis and all his ouevre (sic!). To make television think! And thus we too!

German kiddies punted porn-projecting pens


Irony, anyone?

The commies being the most puritanical bunch that ever was (excepting those roundheads!)?

And yes Hitler was a founder of the National Socialist German Workers Party - there is no difference, either in consequence, or essence, between that and the commies. Anyone heard of Stalin's 'socialism in one country'!

My moniker because Ivan Blatny was a great, mad (Czechoslovak) poet also hounded by the commies (he ended up in a London asylum - either hiding or mad or both, no one knows).


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