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UK.gov to double number of biometric chips for immigrants


As an Immigrant...

As a non-EU immigrant to these isles, I can see the advantage of these cards, as long as the proper controls are in place. As other posters have pointed out though, the UK government is rubbish at putting in and maintaining said controls.

Although I'm a pretty staunch libertarian (Go Ron Paul!), and I think I'm exempt as I've already got my biometric ILR in my passport, I wouldn't mind having instant verification of my status. I'm still not a citizen so I can't expect the same treatment as a UK citizen in all situations. If it's only one hoop, then my employer can see only what they need to see (I can legally work) or the benefit office can verify that I'm entitled to a specific benefit, then I'm all for it. I don't want some busy-body at the council who doesn't like the fact that I left my bin out too early having the right to check my papers. Must be strictly need to know.

The real scandal is the current government's attempts to prevent families making a home in the UK, in practice preventing those on lower incomes from marrying whom they choose. The US government does this and it is disgusting. But that's neither here nor there I suppose.

We7 morphs from jukebox into a radio station


How committed are you?

I'm a bit disappointed in the WE7 transition, but I suppose I didn't help the situation by using ad-block, which managed to block most of the ads they put at the beginning of each track. Am using the radio service, but I find their picks aren't as good as Pandora's.

Anyway, the best alternative is a bit clunky and will probably go away eventually as well. I use Tor Browser to access Rdio and sign up for their 7 day free trial. I do it, once a week, creating a "unique" email address using gmail's + feature (eg myemailaddress@gmail.com, myemailaddress+1@gmail.com, myemailaddress+2@gmail.com) which Rdio will accept as a new email address. You'll need to configure tor to only use US exit nodes and enable Flash on Tor Browser (thus negating the purpose of Tor Browser), but it works. Clunky as all hell, but it's price those Freetards amongst us have to pay ;)

A fifth of Europeans can't work out how much a TV costs

Jobs Horns

The cheapest way to buy a TV

Forget the maths, it's almost always cheaper to buy a flight to the States and buy it there, even with the cost of flight and voltage adaptors :)

Evil Steve because even after taking into account the exchange rate and VAT, Apple products (along with most others to be fair) are always more expensive in Europe than the US.


Beeb say sorry for Stephen Fry A-bomb quip


I'm Sorry, what?

I'm no Japan expert, but I did live there for 10 months. I found the lack of understanding of WW2 incomprehensible. I understand that all countries have their myths about their history. As an American, my people probably have more than most, but the Japanese I spoke with about "the war" seemed to believe that the Japanese were quietly tending their rice paddies and then one day an atomic bomb dropped out of the sky, then three days later another one dropped, for no apparent reason. If comments like this cause problems, I'm afraid that they're probably still thousands of years away from dealing with this part of their history.

Death by iPod: beware the zombie trance


You forgot the most important thing...

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