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Meltdown/Spectre week three: World still knee-deep in something nasty


Howto truly fix Spectre and Meltdown

Isn't the solution to this big mess pretty simple? Why not just use bare-metal servers which one controls 100%?

'Unikernels will send us back to the DOS era' – DTrace guru Bryan Cantrill speaks out


This is misdirection on the part of Cantrill. Anyone who has written servers which multiplex thousands to tens of thousands of streaming concurrent users is aware of the overhead of the user/kernel context switch. This single fact, eliminating user/kernel overhead, is why products like mcorelab can multiplex/stream 100k users while pushing millions of messages/s. The unikernel guys are pushing in this direction. The problem comes when something faults, the debugging can be a mess w/o an OS present. And the idea of running multiple unikernel "processes" on a single box is also probably a bad idea. Unikernel is a concept for running a singular, very high throughput process directly on the metal of a single server box.

Culture jammers connect Lego clones with 3D printer files


3D printing CAD

Currently it's only a 2D napkin sketch tool. I understand it will soon support 3D isosurfaces, with an export file for priting. Works with ipads as well.


Kids love it as an etcha sketch.

David May, parallel processing pioneer



The article does a great job explaining why SeaMicro is the future.

Microsoft+IE9: Holier than Apple open web convert?


FireFox 4 just released!!! IE9 is toast!

Forget about IE9, it's dead without WebGL. Download FireFox 4, and checkout some demos!



Opera (finally) gets hard on WebGL 3D


WebGL demo

Looks like a flight on an alient planet.


Apple TV: Third time unlucky, Mr Jobs


The future of entertainment

Has anyone noticed the A4 (Apple TV) has a GPU on it? The future of entertainment as we know it, is about to change substantially. This little puppy is the biggest trojan horse in the history of ever. We're looking at something on par with World of Warcraft. The internet is about to go 3D, Apple TV is part of the beginning.



Couldn't agree more, integration is easy to make my iPhone a remote control, etc. And unlike Android, Apple can guarantee a consistent experience.

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