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Bletchley Park attracts £300k extra funding



Why the hell haven't the National Lottery helped? Surely this would be a prime example of a place to invest money...

Well done the council for eventually stepping in, but it should never have got this far... £300k is a paltry amount of money that should have come from the Central Government.

Instead of pissing our money away on fking political correctness schemes gone mad - they should be supporting our culture and heritage.

Sooner we adopt the Australian mentality the better!

Boffin unveils facial expression-controlled iPod

Dead Vulture


How will this work for people with nervous twitches or muscle defects? They'll be shit pissed off about their iPod not working properly.

I know mobile phones saved people who used to talk to themselves whilst driving, from lots of embarrasment and now it looks like this might do the same for those with jittery nerves. It would be kinda unnerving on public transport watching everybody 'gurning' - reminds me of the days of GOOD ecstacy and illegal raves - i guess I'm now old enough to moan about progress officially, so here it is - THIS IDEA IS RUBBISH - NOW FCUK OFF and DO SOMETHING USEFUL :) - XRay specs are still up for grabs!!!

Bletchley Park gets £330k lifeline


FFS - Why do we do it...

Why do we send billions of pounds in charity to people who don't fcking deserve it and let our national heritage fall to fcking pieces!

They're asking for a measly £1million - the national lottery should stump up the money immediately, this is probably the last remnant of the country whilst it was truly 'Great'...

If for one would be more than happy to tack on an additional investment whilst they are collecting for 'poppies' to cover the upkeep of these facilities. If they raised poppies to £1.10 then I'm sure they'd easily raise the million pounds required.

Think of our country first, whilst I'm not saying we shouldn't give money aboad, we should do after we have fixed our country first!

My jubs are real, wails Kim Kardashian



She's pretty fit and can't believe that she came from that idiot Dad of hers... Maybe she's the milkmans but the wife never dared to say anything..

I mean it could have been a CLERICal error at the registrar :)

I'll get my coat...

AMD Fusion for Gaming


You sure?

The article seems to allude (whilst munching a jacket spud and not giving full attention) that you need an ATI compliant motherboard - surely any INTEL chipset will suffice as long as it supports ATI Crossfire etc - so should in turn support the 'overdrive'

Just a suggestion...

Scientology critics fight YouTube takedown notices



Well done those responsible for getting the vidoes reinstated! :)

These Scientology morons need to be taught a lesson - quite simply, YOU ARE A BRAINWASHING CULT (and another 4 letter word begining with C and ending in T)

You prey on 'stupid' people and then steal ALL of their money, you recruit IDIOT celebs to make it seem cool - celebs are no more 'real' human beings than the mythical alien that created your religion - but, people look up to these idiots and think if Cruise et al are members, it must be ok - WHAM all their money gone

The old saying 'a fool and his money are easily parted' rings true here, but the extra level of coercion involved is almost akin to brainwashing and simple theft.

I hope Scientology gets revealed for what it is - a CULT that preys on the weak minded.

I realise I'll probably incur the wrath of some zealous idiot - but hey - I'm not scared of you or your 'Alien' leader - come knocking on my door making threats - you'll be meeting your maker (incidentally this is GOD, not an Alien) ;)

Microsoft's IE 8 puts giant web hole on notice


RE: Against IE

I agree with Anon Koward

Yes, IE is flawed, but why are you blaming the software vendors - they are REACTING to threats by thieving SCUM and general TOSSERS who try to FCUK everybodys PC experience up.

If those wankers didn't exist - then ALL browsers would be cool.

It's easy to be critical, try doing it yourself then see how easy it is - ESPECIALLY in the litagous state the world is in now - just a few 'false' positives would equate to class actions - "My browser stopped me visiting xyz site"

It's a minefield and *ANY* attempt should be encouraged, not lambasted

My 2p...

Apple faces lawsuit over wobbly 3G claims


Apple *ARE* at FAULT

Normally I can't stand whinging yanks and their trivial 'Class Action' law suits - but in this case, it is fully justified.

If they claim it's 3G which they certainly do, then it should support 3G and NOT provide problems, in UK law you would have a case under 'not fit for purpose' - claiming a FIX is due soon would indicate they have accepted that there IS a fault.

I'm not going to turn this into an anti apple / pro anybody post - but I really do think Apple have 'stitched' up their user base - they should have held the product back until it was 3G initially and then spent the time testing. To release v1 without 3G then v2 with poor 3G will no doubt require v3 - technically, unless you can cancel your contract that's 3x sales of an I-Phone Apple have had to get a decent working version.

If you as the public are happy as BETA testers fair enough, that's your choice - I'm not going to critisice - however, it seems finally somebody has decided enough is enough and good luck to them - it's about time 'testing' was taken more seriously instead of being looked at as an inconvenience...

Finance Bod: "Well, if we cut testing and pay damages to the few that complain, we'll be better off"

I've previously been in this situation and pray daily for said Finance Bod(s) globally to be royally screwed over, just like they do to the consumer.

Windfall taxing big oil: how to make the gas crisis worse


Oldest trick in the book...

As usual these 'initiatives' are the brain farts of 'spin doctors'.

The 'notion' that the government is giving *anything* back is ludicrous.

You are taxed on income, you pay VAT on everything purchased and even pay an extra insurance and fuel subsidy. The government have been raking it in with the hugely infalted oil prices (abating the revelation of this countrys insolvency for a little longer).

Therefore, the government giving families (unfair, as I pay my tax too!) a rebate to be used against 'bills' is an empty gesture.

What the government should be doing and I applaud Russia for this, is re-nationalising energy suppliers and/or price fixing any suppliers to this country.

By placing a necessity (and it is a necessity in this world) in the hands of shareholders, you create an artificial market which only serves to punish the consumer time and time again.

In the next Election - I would rather vote for Anarchy, after a period of instability, I would wager a bet that people would find a decent compromise - the role of the government is soley that of spreading propoganda and misinformation creating a soceity based purely on 'fear'.

If you haven't seen Adam Curtiss's documentaries spanning 25 years, I would urge you to - brings a whole new rationale and perspective to 'governance' by an authority...


UK.gov pushes £50,000 fine for online copyright infringement


@Craig McLean

Whitechapel - heh - I too stroll the streets at lunch, if I'm not dodging chicken bones it's Dodgy DVD Daves (well mostly Asian to be fair)


Ten of the Best... Bluetooth Headsets



Not sure where you are located, but the UK POLITICIANS deem driving without a headset or handsfree to be a 'criminal offence'

Therefore, you need one of these!

I'm not sure why though, surely smoking and driving is as bad? Also, what about conversations with other passengers - that's just as bad as a mobile and the worst offender is definitely KIDS playing up in the back - they must cause the most crashes!

Another civil liberty eroded for the purposes of financial gain for our illustrious Government. As they all look like a bunch of C*NTS - so they ensure we do with bluetooth headsets...

iPhone 3G to lure pre-payers to contracts - survey


@ Joe K

Hey Joe K,

Here's a scientifc statistic for you - Number of cocks making posts = 1 (you!)

Since when does a sample of 750 represent 64million? Was this survey carried out in an Apple Store by an 02 Salesmen? Question is, we dont know. Statisically speaking, statistics are bollocks anyway, everything is always shaped to get the result required and people like GfK NOP are the BIGGEST CULPRITS..


I'm a big cheese, I want to know how popular my brand is - do I speak to my internal guys, look at sales demographics, interpet regional trends - oh no, that's FAR too time consuming - I hire GfK NOP - they come in, tell me everything is wonderful, product placement is high, people are 'buzzing' yada yada and then hand me a big fat bill.

Emperors Clothes syndrome...

So jog off back to your mates at GfK NOP - 750 representation and that analogy of soup is laughable - if stirred correctly - is this some kind of suggestion regarding compartmentalization of ethnic minorities? Honestly, you people make me sick you bunch of leeching tossers - its morons supporting companies like this that are causing this countries demise. I guess - it only takes 750 wankers to bring the country down, according to your stats - well oversubscribed there then aren't we!!!

Sony pulls PlayStation 3 software update


@ Tim Spence


Can you not place the save games back on the formatted disk? I would do this one at time until you find the culprit file!



Cambridge congestion charge plans shelved


Well done Cambridge-ites...

As a resident in the neighbouring city of P'boro - I'm glad the decent folk of Cambridge have seen through this MONEY MAKING sham.

Sadly there is no interconnected rail network, the A14 is a joke and they want to charge more for the privilege - yeah right.

How about you stop fkin decorating your second fkin houses with John Lewis online and actually fkin start driving around the consituency and/or using public transport - then let's see your congestion charging initiatives! A week on public transport and you'll be encouraging CARS FOR EVERYONE.

Why the fck do we still have local politicians - they're just retarded attention seeking, detached from reality fuckwits!

I demand MILITANT action :D


Want to buy Jacqui Smith's ID?


Why bother

Citizen Kane...

This is ridiculous - I'm definitely a number! in Fact - i work with a couple of numbers:


I wish they were


but no, plain old



New Zealand, Australia or Thailand beckons... This country is gone...

UK electricity crisis over - for now


I agree with A J Stiles

There are 2 options...

1) As A J STILES suggests - learn to harvest the energy more efficiently (this reminds me of Command&Conquer, need to build a research lab!), if we can extract ALL energy, then there is no DANGEROUS 'residual' to worry about.

If 1 cannot be achieved, then

2) Extract maximum percentage of energy and instead of firing to the sun (I think the earth requires all of its resources - we should look at re-integrating the waste into the molten lava of the earth.

As for the Uranium argument - People said 50 years ago that Coal, Wood, Gas and Oil, would have run out by now. It's just not realistic to listen to those people - we have only speculated the major 'LAND' masses - we have so much ocean floor to explore, it's just not funny - so believe the 'hype' if you want - nucluer energy is pretty much the only option, both short and long term.


Broadband bumpkins overtake city surfers



If you live in a rural place or fekkin miles from the Exchange - this story is useful.

If the story doesn't concern/interest you, don't read it and fuck off posting useless comments you stupid prick!

It's about time RURAL people had more power, perhaps the shift to a larger subscriber base will give us the leverage we need to start the provisioning companies on an 'upgrade' path to give us respectable download speeds when compared to 'Urban' users.

O2 to slash 8GB iPhone pricing tomorrow?



Er... £156 + 12 months line rental @ £35 month= £576 ;)

That's if you can get a 12 month on 'promo', otherwise:

£156 + 18 months line rental @ £35 month = £786

That's much cheaper than an I-Touch... Man you are I-Stupid!

So which 'Labour' run public school did you attend...?

Honestly, no wonder this country is fuxored with displays of intelligence like this...

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! play pots-and-kettles 2.0



This is ridiculous! M$ should be able to buy who they like - if they have the money!

Lets say this situation is 'blocked' by mindless idiots claiming that one company is more morally superior than the other (as if!)

Google then grows to a size and market share bigger than M$, will M$ be able to claim anti-competitiveness?

I'm sick of the 'puny' American arguments - I'm fecked off that my M$ search functionality has been crippled by literally a bunch of CNUTS at google who cried about it - build your own fking OS and then put your search shite on it!

For christs sakes they are a poxy search engine!

The world needs to sort itself out big time - we've gone to the dogs - who said in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king?

This world is run by scared mindless idiots, propogating such ridiculous issues like this - any second now this takeover will be blamed for global warming...

I'm finally cheering for M$ - go do what you need to do!

100Mbit/s sewer broadband rollout coming your way


I always wondered

why my downloads were quicker when 'FLUSHING' but my uploads dropped off!

I also have no coat, and probably no job now! :(

Nokia N95 8GB becomes first phone to win DLNA thumbs-up


RE; hmmmmmmmmmmm


This is just saying it has all of the necessary IN BUILT functions to qualify to a certain standard - it's not any new protocol - just a 'yardstick' (for our US friends - see how cultured I am!) for measuring the usefulness in terms of interactivity of a device when looking to integrate into your digital lifestyle.

I like the idea :)

Codemasters sets legal dogs on file-sharers



I'm still waiting for the PIRACY fund TERRORISM angle!

I'm also pretty sure piracy is to blame for bears being called mohammed.

I'm also sure that piracy is the reason I banged my toe on the way into work this morning...

Dam - if we could just solve piracy the world would be a much better place - yeah right!

The paradox of Profit is LOSS - you can't have it both ways.

Because someone decides THEY should get paid for something and somebody else decides THEY shouldn't - who's right? Well neither has a stronger argument than the other... unless of course you bring in 'laws' - now laws were originally intended to protect the innocent, however, these laws now penalise the innocent.

The truth is - piracy has always existed - in the form of computer games, tape-to-tapeing, recording from radio etc etc. It doesn't harm 'good' quality items, in fact it promotes them to a wider audience.

The 'fallacy' that piracy is bad is a complete misnoma - there are NO hard and fast statistics determining the impact copy protection plays - it's a gut estimate that is wholly abused by the RIAA and such corporations.

The model to reduce piracy is clear, build better games that rely on content obtained from servers - the risk - the company goes belly up and you lose the ability to play a game - that's a another ethical issue...

sigh sigh sigh...


*double sigh....*

Ahh Anonymous Coward ;)

There are many ways to download from an IP Address that is not yours :)

Surely I don't need to spell it out...

Ok perhaps 'spoof' was a miseading word - but I'm pretty sure 'you' get the gist... I should have used 'compromised' IP address - there muchos happier now ;)

Are you? :p



This is ludicrous!

I'm downloading illegal software, do I:

a) use my IP address

b) use a spoofed IP address

I wonder 'who' then gets the letter.

This is a pathetic attempt at copy protection, it serves no other purpose than to line the pockets of greedy, manipulative litigators - all under the guise of 'aiding' and 'assisting' the host company.

I doubt any company consciously makes this decision and as a former employee of Codemasters, I bet many are shocked, dismayed and downright outraged at such a pathetic attempt to cure piracy.

I'm currently assigning my IP range for P2P downloads to those registered against the litigators - the plus side is, it will reduce their postage overheads


Commuters shouting into their mobiles? Just jam 'em


Sceptical Bastard

You wouldn't be referring to the GNER service would you? I catch that daily too...

A phone jammer would be so coooool! Even better if I could shut the announcement about the multitude of fkin tickets up - we have saver, super saver, apex, off-peak, business, yada yada - no wonder people get confused and then stung exortionate 'penalty' fares.

B3ta served DMCA notice for Photoshop Prince challenge



Can't B3ta users file a CLASS ACTION lawsuit against Websheriff for denying them their basic right to view parody material that has been illegally withdrawn?

As everybody has pointed out, it's only UK law that doesn't accept parody, the US does (for obvious reasons) - so I'm quite happy to 'host' those B3ta pages - and bring it on Prince (or whatver your name is) - My name is "The website host formely known as..."

Please please please somebody stand up to Websherrif (reminds me of the rusty sherif badge joke!)

Peterborough bloke warned over 'offensive' t-shirt


Peterborough hits new low! :(

I'm sad to say I live in Pete-bog-horror!

Over the past few years we've really lost the plot - we're fining people who 'overfill' their rubbish bins, we are not allowed Xmas lights - now winter lights, we have the 2nd highest immigration influx other than Slough - and now another ridiculous story like this.

I agree with the other poster - traffic wardens are a virulent strain of sadly repressed individuals - fair enough Police officers can and do actually make a difference - but traffic wardens fall into the same category as debt collectors - people that love to make others lives harder!

I for one shall be pioneering a new set of T-Shirts

"PISS ON TRAFFIC WARDENS (they love it!)"

Paris Hilton goes down for 23 days



"No, I give up. I've read this several times, and still can't see tht the story has any IT connection."

I think the IT reference is she's an IT GIRL or maybe people just assume IT + GOING DOWN are not mutually exclusive?

McCain wants Ballmer as ambassador to China



Hey why are we tyrannising a person who likes to act normal!

If only you could scream and below at work - kick chairs around, smash up everything - it would be ace.

Hang on - why do I feel like doing that at work.

Oh yeah - because my PC keeps doing things I don't want it to do - or stupid users think the moon can be delivered on a stick in 5 different flavours because they read marketing literature that promises the earth and delivers nothing!

So yeah 'communism' is the nu cool comrade!

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