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You can break EU cookie rules ... if your site breaks without cookies


Re: idiots

Seeing as I've been building them for 15 years I have a pretty good idea, and know that most users do not want a barrage of messages asking them to accept a cookie which is simply trying to store something like a shopping basket ID.


Re: idiots

I agree, this is brain-meltingly agonising stuff which people without a clue about how websites work in the real world are coming up with.

And all while the rest of the non-EU world chuckles away at our frustration.

Firm applies for .sucks domain


“If some people think this is just a way to get registration money out of corporations, then those people are either unaware or are being short-sighted about their marketing effectiveness”

Nope, it's just a way to get registration money out of corporations, you money-grabbing arse.

Phone bugging scandal reignited as NotW suspends reporter


Coulson dodgy, what a surprise...

Only The Guardian (and now El Reg) seems to have the balls to publish the most important bit of the story, which is the Andy Coulson is heavily implicated by witnesseses as being knee-deep in this.

Don't expect to read this in any of Murdoch's publications (i.e. most major newspapers). John is right as the BBC's story misses this rather large detail.


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