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Eurozone crisis: We're all dooomed! Here's why


RE: creating money out of nothing

It's called fractional reserve banking, toss that into google for an explanation. If you are unfamiliar with the practice, prepare to get very angry...

Details of all internet traffic should be logged – MEP


wow, just wow

This man's ignorance beggars belief.

MOSSAD SPY VULTURE seized in Saudi Arabia


It's true!

Hartlepool did in fact hang a monkey they believed to be a French spy. They even have a statue if memory serves me right... The good people of Hartlepool are know affectionately around these parts as "Monkey-Hangers".

BA slams stupid security checks

Thumb Up

Could it be?

Finally, an outbreak of common sense?

Green light for spooks' net snoop plan


I suppose thinking this through for more than 5 minutes is too much to ask

Anybody serious about hiding stuff from prying eyes is going to be using encryption anyway, which will most likely take decades to break. Hang on, I have a solution to that problem, let's just log all your traffic then ask you for the encryption key and lock you up if you refuse...

Jobs moves to the heavens with Apple TV

Jobs Horns


Clearly all these films and other media are stored in the cloud already, waiting to be streamed. If you can rent and stream something as many times as you like, there's no good reason why you should not be able to buy access to the item outright and watch it as many times as you like, for free. There's no storage management to worry about whichever way you do it. This is clearly an artificial limitation.

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