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Currently broken

I used to skim the front page for interesting stories then right-click on any I found and open them in separate tabs to read at my leisure. I'm unlikely to go back to the main page more than twice so if you get funding from how many people see the adverts you'll be getting far less page views from me.

...and that's if I do keep coming back.

Also from a visual accessibility point of view, block capitals are harder to read (as I've already seen pointed out) because you can't see the shape of letters and a lot of people find too much white glaring (which is why some smartphone platforms let you invert the colour scheme).

Samsung specs up 7in Android tablet


Video Calls

I know people who have made video calls but then they are deaf so standard voice calls are no use to them.

If we can get the required video quality then videocalls will be able to offer mobile video relay services (Sign Language interpretation over a videophone) like the services that have been available in Scandiwegian countries for a while now.

...not that I believe that that's the motivation for offering videcalls in this case.

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