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Dad of student slain in Paris terror massacre sues Google, Twitter, Facebook for their 'material support' of ISIS


Next, the orange-haired Republican orangutan named Drumph ...

will be jumping up and down, as orangutans are apt to do, screaming that people of Mexican heritage are stealing American industries wealth.

Just imagine if a judge of Mexican heritage os assigned the case!

Telstra hauls in Cisco, Ericsson, Juniper to explain TITSUPs


Problems with CISCO and Juniper? Should have bought the best - HuaWei! - GCHQ approved!

Blame Obama - he went around the world bad-mouthing Chinese products and the Australians fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Meanwhile, back in Blighty, HuaWei sets up a GCHQ monitored lab and everything is fine. Except the 5 Eyes group have to crack yet another piece of hardware.

Amazon to bad cable slingers: USB-C yourself out


Economic USB Cable Testers

I was in ShangHai last month and I picked up a USB-C cable test set.

It comprises a SD chip for the software and a loop-around terminator, with LEDs, and a battery powered terminator.

The LED and battery units, as a pair, can verify there are no shorts between pins/cables. The Battery terminator is removed, the software is loaded/run and the screen shows the illuminated LED response to be expected. USD$5.50.

The decent quality USB-C cables, depending on termination types are USD$4.90-5.30.

Leak – UN says Assange detention 'unlawful'

Thumb Down

Firstly - the UN WGAD has not authority or jurisdiction over the UK. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG

Oh, is that what you think?

The United Kingdom was a founding member of the UN, and sits on the Council and agreed, by treaty, to honour various matters determined by the UN. This means the UK has agreed to comply to allow certain matters over-rule certain UK decisions.

But your argument fails because the UK used UN resolutions to invade Iraq and various other things.

Reminds me of cake and eating it.

Bill for half a billion quid lands on Apple's desk in Facetime patent scrap


When will Apple learn what is meant by the term ...

Open Software?

They stole the name Apple, they stole their logo and Jobs stole the mouse. A corporate criminal enterprise that got caught, again.

Assange will 'accept arrest' on Friday if found guilty


Diplomatic representation is by Treaty ...

which is why the USA allowed the Japanese diplomats to sail back home after Pearl Harbour - another, earlier, demonstration of US incompetency.


Assange and Snowden have more guts than most. Period.

Both the USA and Britain have no moral grounds to stand on - the USA promoting torture and casting aside international law and invading countries whilst Britain, trying to demonstrate it's 'prowess', follows along sniffing the USA's nether quarters.

Britain and the USA have breached international agreements and treaties with their governments playing the Three Monkeys Game. They have broken the trust that is supposed to exist between the voters and the voted. They spy on the population as if we are terrorists, or whatever. They strip us of our privacy and the mentally-challenged May thinks it is fine and gives them billions of Pounds to GCHQ and the MI mob to carry on.

The employees of these agencies have been at it so long they wouldn't recognise a moral if it hit them in the face.

But Snowden, regardless of his personal safety and freedom, knee-capped the US government that had few coherent justifications for it's activities. That past-retirement Clapper lied, in Congress and on TV, asserting the US government didn't do mass communications tapping. Not once but twice or more - outright lies which he maintained even though he was offered opportunities to retract ot 'correct the record'.

And Assange is equally as committed to honesty in government by allegedly exposing the lies protected by secrecy. If these lies were supportable by fact, things might be different. The charges being sought by Sweden have, at different times, been renounced by the women involved. How many Register readers have struck it 'lucky' only to have their sexual partner express regrets?

And who knows of the underhanded US government agencies didn't set him up like they have with so many including Martin Luther King. The FBI is an expert in framing people, look at their laughable record of security and the staged 'terrorism' events that serve only to increase the myth of the FBI.

There is no defence for what the UK and the USA have done and are doing. I am sure Her Majesty wouldn't condone the castration of Kenyan POWs in Her name.

What Assange is offering takes bravery - given that he is essentially at the mercy of these governments ... and Sweden. How many of you envy his position?

How a power blip briefly broke GitHub's boxes and tripped it offline


What? No UPS?

Who runs a data centre these days without some form of UPS?

Sounds like a cheap operation.

One benefit of living in a country which has unscheduled power outages, is that protection is the norm. My home standby generator runs on gas - the stuff that is leaking all over California - not petroleum. I also use battery power storage - charged by FREE solar.

Scottish MP calls for drone-busting eagles



There is no question of ethics - it's a question of aerial engagement.

The whole idea is to prevent theft - so all is fair.

Maybe flash/bangs used on robotic devices could prove effective, too. I was hit by the casing of such a flash/bang on a robotic military device during development (used to ignite an explosive charge) and it hurt like hell.


Now we have an opportunity to redeploy Stun Guns or use Stainless Steel rotors

The video revealed (1) Where the bird grabbed the drone; (2) The bird conflicted with the rotors.

A pair of wires attached to a high-voltage generator and attached around the periphery of the drone's body might focus the bird on himself and not the drone.

Using razor-sharp edges on the rotors would enhance the likelihood of long term inability to catch drones by cutting a bird's tendons or damaging it's feet. How many of these birds would they be prepared to lose given their initial cost as well as that of training?

Perhaps the chopped feet could be sold to Chinese restaurants and enable them to offer chicken, duck AND eagle feet for dim sum.

This video was staged with optimum advantage for the bird given that the drone was travelling slowly and on an even keel. They must employ the type of photographer that makes the F35 look good.

Pentagon can't check F-35 maintenance thanks to insecure database


And the US is the world's leading tech nation?

Dream on.

They're alive! Galileo sats 9 and 10 sending valid signals


Europe's Galileo satellite navigation system is subject to US control - or a bomb

"According to a leaked US Air Force document written in 2004 August and obtained by The Business, Peter Teets, under-secretary of the US Air Force wrote: "What will we do 10 years from now when American lives are put at risk because an adversary chooses to leverage the global positioning system of perhaps the Galileo constellation to attack American forces with precision?"

"The paper also reported a disagreement between EU and US officials this month over Galileo at a London conference which led to the threat to blow up the future satellites.

"The European delegates reportedly said they would not turn off or jam signals from their satellites, even if they were used in a war with the United States.

"They made it clear that they would attempt what they called reversible action, but, if necessary, they would use irreversible action," the official was quoted as saying. (AFP. 2004 October 24)


Safe Harbor ripped and replaced with Privacy Shield in last-minute US-Europe deal


Who trusts governments? Even more so, who trusts the US government?

The US government has got to be the least trustworthy government, neck and neck with the UK.

Start filling information requests up with garbage, at least that will slow them down.

Far better they have a human data request filter to make sure they at least seem to obey the rules.

Home Office lost its workers' completed security vetting forms


A Cat has NINE Lives but Mad May ...

of Hurst, Berkshire, has NINETYNINE!

When will this odious woman, touted as post-Cameron material, be booted. She obviously can't be someone's love interest with a face like that, so what gives?

'Blue light services will get 4G on London Tube!' Cool, how? 'Errrrm...'


What's wrong with TETRA?

There are numerous reasons why TETRA should be replaced. SDR is one good reason.

With SDR (Software-Defined Radio) has most of the answers to TETRA'd deficiencies. In fact there are several InterNet SDR systems running circles around TETRA UK providing full decryption of Plod radio in the UK.

The ability of SDR's software emulating hardware components such as mixers, filters, amplifiers, modulators/demodulators, detectors, etc. can be achieved with an embedded system. SDR systems are today based on an internationally endorsed open Software Communications Architecture (SCA). This standard uses CORBA on POSIX operating systems to coordinate various software modules.

The P25 Program in the USA high-tech digital radios used by the FBI, Secret Service, and Homeland Security were designed so poorly that they can be jammed by a $30 children's toy GirlTech IMME, Mattel's pink instant-messaging device with a miniature keyboard that was marketed to pre-teen girls!

A P25 Digital sells for USD$3,295! Read: <https://gcn.com/articles/2011/08/11/p25-radios-eavesdropping-jamming.aspx> for full details. The Texas Instrument CC1110 sub-GHz RF chip is the key to this pursuit!

Motorola (aka Airwave) produces these P25 Digital USD$3,295 Edsels!

(Amateur and home use, see: <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software-defined_radio>)

HSBC online banking outage: Moneymen are 'still under attack'


Remember, every voice call is more grist for their voice analysis computer

All calls to HSBC are 'recorded', the term HSBC adopts for voice analysis.

A background paper said: "The smart phone would capture the customer’s spoken words and transmits it to the bank for authorisation. The sent words would then be compared with his voice in the database, if it matches, he would be authorised. If not, he would be denied access and asked to try again."

To circumvent this blatant invasion of privacy you can (1) Have a 'talk' playing loudly where you make your call; (2) Use cotton wool padding in your cheeks; (3) Remove your false teeth; (4) Alter your voice electronically. All are intended to change audio spectrum of your voice.

They will not/cannot disable the feature on request. The voice database is accessible to police, et al.

CANNIBAL! Apple's 7.85in iPad will EAT 9.7in iPad sales


Just Apple PR keeping the name in the Press

I guess they can't make it a 7 incher otherwise it would prove Jobs was wrong.

The question is whether even iPhans would get sucked into paying the premium for a product that is similar to a $200 pad from the rest.

'Unbreakable' Samsung Galaxy Note II to take on iPhone 5


Question: Will Jelly Bean handle Quad Core hardware?

At a recent release of an Android smartphone, tech writers questioned the absence of a Quad processor.

Therefore, the question. Will Jelly Bean be up to it?

Google settles with DoJ over flight data buy


The airlines had problems with reservation system veracity

One thing you forgot to highlight was the fact that airlines trusted the reservation accounting systems: that is until they found out that they were being charged too much.


The reservation systems earn their money when a seat is sold - but they charged/debited the airlines when an inquiry was submitted and held pending customer acceptance. What is supposed to happen was when a 'held' booking was cancelled as a result of a no-sale or confirmation period time-out.


The airlines then installed software and all hell broke loose as they had the proof the reservation systems were overcharging them, which is more properly called fraud. Smaller airlines opted for the weakest link in the deal - the travel agent - billing them for charge-backs rather than going after the thieves in the mess.


Then travel agents got suspicious of res systems and found they were not being credited with all the seats they sold. Travel agents get bonus payments for large bookings with a reservation system. In fact there was a court case, brought by Galileo against a travel agent in Toronto, Canada, which was withdrawn after the reservation system realised they would be vulnerable to questions around their accounting accuracy. (There is no record of this action as it was heard in secret)


I agree with you that the presence of Google will improve things for the travelling public who, at this time, are being nickle and dimed to death by airlines imposing their usurious fees (started by American) which has now led to ridiculous baggage limits which offer the carriers to collect yet more fees for bags they once carried free.

BA jihadist relied on Jesus-era encryption


What concerns me most about this matter is BA's hiring practices? Don't they do background checks?

BA, like all major entities, owe it to their customers to do through background checks on employees that can exploit vulnerabilities in corporate entities.

Abother reason to avoid flying BA>

Steve Jobs must face the music in court


Jobs extensive corporate knowledge could be risky

You made a good point.

Questioning people at the top of the structure means they have so many things to be wary of ranging from corporate duties, shareholder interest, etc.

Questioning a person lower down the corporate ladder allows companies wriggle room if malfeasance is exposed.

No doubt Apple lawyers will be filing objections by the ton so they can respond in writing, after careful deliberation.

US gov opposes Microsoft in i4i patent spat


It's none too often the U.S. Government tries to assist non-U.S. companies.

I checked my Lexis-Nexis and you are right.

There are extremely few legal matters where the U.S. has worked against it's own in this type of civil matter. The only other area in which they do this with any frequency is the airline pricing conspiracy cases.

Since there is to be new patent legislation I would have thought the government objections could have been covered by new rules.

More cocaine found at Kennedy Space Center


You mentioned Christa McAuliffe - such a loss to her children and the school

Christa McAuliffe was selected as the primary candidate for the NASA Teacher in Space Project assigned as a 'liaison' for school children, and killed on 1986 January 28 on board the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

A tragic loss especially for her two children, Scott and Caroline, who were nine and six when Christa died.

Iran to attend Olympics, despite 'racist' logo


Reject Lego pieces or Ikea furniture?

Whatever it is supposed to represent, it sure isn't warm and cuddly with all those square corners.

Google wires up for wireless payments


Different countries different rules.

Here in Cambodia there's a monthly fee, VietNam and Canada too.

Different classes of users have different fees - travel agents get theirs free through the reservation systems.

Mole points to April iOS 5.0 outing


I'm clipping this post ...

there are so many countries without daylight saving o it, far more than I realised.

China is really screwed up. Too bright in the morning in ShangHai whilst those poor stiffs living in Yunnan out West have to stagger around in the dark for a couple of hours just so they can all get to use BeiJing time.

iPad 2: Apple forced to make carrier concessions


SIMS are too high priced

In Cambodia I only pay about a USD$1 for a SIM, the very same type as you pay CAD$50 for.

There should be a law ....

iPhone lead in ad revenue generation slipping away


Both these OS are ...

or nearly are EXTINCT, as in dead!


Neat idea ... I'm coming from Mongolia, too

Like your airport idea!

Always get bothered by touts in Phonm Penh and Siem Reap so I want want a ride to Nowhere, too!

Republicans believe in 'climate change' but not 'global warming'


ICANN doesn't list .GOD

Who is the Registrar for this domain?

MS smartphone share falls despite WinPho 7


@Fandom: No Verizon as no phones

Verizon didn't get to peddle the CDMA Version 4 until the subsequent quarter which has yet to be calculated.

Coming soon!


Iphone 4 sales say more about the buyer

The iPhone 4/Lemon 4 has been declared by reputable organisations to be defective/less than effective.

It's like saying the Edsel was a great car.

Anyone who buys duds says more about themselves than a defective product.

BBC accused of coming out for porn opt-in?


Only the BBC would bring us an idiot like ...

Stephen Fry who knows diddly squat about technology and so many other things.

Who else would hire him?

Steve Jobs bends iPad price reality


The Apple warranty is bad, too

Whether or not you get warranty service seems to depend on so many unknown variables that it isn't really a warranty.

Better have a good lawyer.

Apple, Google, RIM in smartphone dead heat


You'll wait a long time for an answer!

As JaitcH has said that no one who can stand behind an opinion isn't worth answering.

Cowards are what the dictionary says - too weak to put their name to their claim.

Apple: If you're under 17, you can't use Opera


Idiots must use Safari; Anyone with an IQ under 80 should be forced to use Safari.

Just about covers an iPhan.

(Why should other people get more red button hits!)

ICO evidence raises Freedoms Bill data worries


Criminals should get jobs cleaning barber shops ...

then, when they go on their next 'job', scatter the hair clippings around.

This should really keep the Plod busy!

RIM brushes off HP fondleslab innuendo

Jobs Horns

Jobs attended several ...

Xerox Parc courses/seminars and copied some of the things he saw.

Apple was previously in use when he pinched that too, as was the name tablet. Jobs only buys or pays for things he can't get free. Thunderbolt is, as someone pointed out, in use by several computer related companies.

Jobs isn't a saint or a god - as he might learn sooner than later. He is simply a clever but crass business man.

US Supremes trash AT&T's claims to 'personal privacy'


Roberts was in good form the day afterwards

cracking some jokes with fellow judges./

Good to see humour in a senior court.

Asian soup peril menaces bionic shark


I tried rock fish in the UK once ...

and I loved it! Such a clean taste, and cheap too.

Antennagate Redux: Consumer Reports condemns Verizon iPhone 4


The price differential between ...

GSM or CDMA *ONLY* and the dual function chips is significant. Dual function chips are physically the same size.

Qualcomm needs it's pound of cash. And Jobs is cheap Real cheap.


I guess Jobs has updated the old adage ...

You can fool some of the people all of the time, but you can fool all of the iPhans all of the time.

Jobs has learned one thing, even he is not infallible - twice over, yet!.

Jobs stand-in ranks iPhone over sex


Washing machines, with unbalanced loads, in the ...

spin cycle are reputed to be more satisfying.

iPhone 'Death Grip' effect is real, plastic cases don't help


If I recall from my days in the Royal Signals ...

these UHF sets were just for squadron inter-tank chat and had a power level of under one-quarter watt.

I never heard of anyone dying, or even getting burned, by grabbing a quarter-wave dipole.

The desert UHF sets jamming the assembly areas for D Day in the UK were due purely to 'skip'. These days 'skip' signals can't be heard because of the traffic carried on UHF.

British Airways IT worker found guilty of plotting terror attack


Guilt by innuendo - must be following FBI entrapment stories

" having links to the to the attempted shoe-bombing of a plane over Detroit on Christmas 2009" then they start talking about "with the people you have is is it possible to get a package or a person with a package on board a flight".

So I wonder what is the link between a guy living in Nigeria, flying to Amsterdam and then trying to blow his underpants up over Detroit AND a package? Commonalities are air, explosives, USA.

I think the Met Plod have been reading too much about the far fetched FBI-sponsored bomb plots starting up all over the USA.

Another point. Presumably BA does background checks when it hires somebody: why did it not detect this dodgy computer guy earlier, or did the Plod use him as bait and, inter alia, putting passengers at risk had the computer guys alleged friends been successful?

Methinks there is much more to this than has been released. Or the Plod has presented a fairy story.

Since when have convictions be based on evidence using the word 'may' as in "may have been planning"? He either did or he didn't.

Apple under siege: Antitrust probes and product delays ...


Forget product delays: Verizon now reporting Grip of Death problems!

Now Verizon (CDMA) users are complaining that the so called Lemon 4 is exhibiting the very same problems that were experienced on AT&T a year ago.

Corporate mouthpiece Natalie Kerris reiterated Apple's mantra: "The (Lemon) 4 has a great antenna that allows it to have an amazingly thin design, great battery life and reception," Kerris said. "We designed the iPhone 4 external antenna to work great on Verizon's CDMA/EVDO network.""..

Unfortunately the trusted Consumer Reports, who ran their usual tests, didn't agree.

Who would a normal person believe?

Godson: China shuns US silicon with faux x86 superchip


Alibaba had listings for ...

customised, small quantity IC's.

Apple brands Intel 'Light Peak' as Thunderbolt


Maybe HTC will do a deal over the name ... how about withdrawing court actions?

With USD$60-billion cash in the bank Apple can afford to buy off the people/companies whose name it is stealing.

HTC is the nearest challenge as they are in manufacturing, too.

Apple shareholders demand CEO succession plan


All this speculation depends on whether or not ...

Jobs will even heed the call of the Grim Reaper, given that he is used to people following him.

Americans make death such a fetish: all fancy coffins, urns, etc. Death is natural, so why fear it or treat it as being so 'special'?

Cornish pasties awarded protected status


Ploughman's lunch is only REAL with Pan Yan Pickle

Why the manufacturers ever discontinued Pan Yan Pickles is beyond me.

I managed to buy a box of it when they announced it's demise.


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