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Study: Climate was hotter in Roman, medieval times than now

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el Reg as Ostrich

You are clearly trying to be clever, bury your head in the sand, think you know it all... and actually, very redneck

Try to explain to your average UK punter why he can now look forward to interminable wet summers as the Jet Stream hang around too far south http://bit.ly/S2tcRW

Your continual campaign to discredit climate change research is now bordering on the bounds of gutter press. Subscription cancelation imminent.


Ten reasons why you shouldn't buy an iPhone 5


There is no iPhone5

I suggest the fact there is no iPhone5 is a good reason to not buy one!! The author has dropped a clanger in writing this before the launch!

Always feel these type of sour grape articles show more about the intolerance of the writer than actual objective comment. Everyone has their favourite poison, and the fact that Jobs (may he rest in peace) turned the personal device world around is something that should be admired. No other manufacturer captured our imagination they way Jobs did in the early 21st century. I'll be very happy when others catch up; more competition and better prices!


Back-to-school 10in Netbooks


Stuck in the past

So we're still trying to squeeze all fashioned technology in to a smaller format. Gigs of this and gigs of that. Instead of us techno geeks sitting in a lab expounding on how well this works, shove some of these steam engines into the hands of teenagers and students along with an iPad and see what happens... Wipe out! Already seeing a sea of change in device registration at my University! Not saying Apple will be the only one, but they are the first. Get with it guys.



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