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IE bug leaks private details from 50m PDF files

Dave Murray
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Poor explanation = scaremongering

"The potentially sensitive data is included in PDFs that have been printed using Internet Explorer."

The explanation in this article is so poor I had to go to the linked site because I couldn't see how printing a pdf could possibly add anything to it. The information is not included in pdfs that have been printed with IE, it is included in web pages that have been converted to pdfs using a pdf printer driver from IE. That's very different to the explanation given in the article.

The number of pdfs that are created by printing a web page will be much lower than the number of pdf that have been printed while viewing them in IE. The poor explanation given will cause a lot more people to think they are at risk of exposing info than actually are. Is this CNet or El Reg?

Apple cult leader emails outside world

Dave Murray
Jobs Horns

The morale of the story is...

you shouldn't have dropped out of school to pin your future on iCrap.

Al Gore entertains the supercomputer troops

Dave Murray

Was he...

super serial?

Can HPC really help in the fight against manbearpig?

Google open sources flash-happy Chrome OS

Dave Murray


Welcome back to the 80s.

Someone might want to tell Google that adding hard drives to PCs was a major improvement.

Reg hack beats 'Belle de Jour' sex rap

Dave Murray
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At last his name is cleared

but where is this cultured sex writing on the internet?

Inquiring dirty mind need to know!

Is this the world's dirtiest PC?

Dave Murray

Seen worse

No photos unfortunately but 10 years ago I replaced old 486 DOS boxes in kiosks in Job Centres and Libraries with new PCs. Most of them looked far, far worse than this. The dust monsters covered most surfaces inside the kiosk and everywhere were inside the PC, printer and monitor.

Google unleashes internal JavaScript tools

Dave Murray

More simply

"The tools are designed to make the task of building and maintaining the notoriously complex JavaScript faster and more simply"

Shame they're not designed to make writing correct english sentences more simply eh?

You too can become a Taoist Mao Shan master

Dave Murray


But where are Rupert and Optimus prime? Shurely they must be involved somehow?

@AC14:59: You should have tried the Te of Piglet, a much better book for impressing hippies than the fairly common Tao of Pooh.

Second-gen TTxGP e-bike unveiled

Dave Murray
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First thing I thought when I saw it was KTM. The bodywork and particularly the nose looks like some of their bikes. At least it's black and not that disgusting orange colour they use.

Bono serenades fellow fader, Bill Gates

Dave Murray

the complex poesy of master lyricist Bono


Nintendo hints at free DSi 3G connectivity

Dave Murray


"cost of connectivity is covered through the device price"

“the user doesn’t bear the communications cost,” Iwata said.

"the DSi XL’s price ... could rise as a result"

“it would increase the cost of the hardware"

So which is it Mr Iwata? No comms cost or you pay the comms cost up front with a more epensive device? You can't have it both ways.

And how good will your coverage be in the Highlands of Scotland? Or a remote island somewhere? Why would you're customers pay more for a device if they can't use the features they're paying for because they don't live in a city?

Scots slam Germans for 'tight-arsed' slur

Dave Murray
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No title (saves words)

The SNP should get back to trying to run the country and stop making stupid pronouncements that none of us have any interest in. Oh wait that's all they've ever done.

Agincourt: The sensational truth

Dave Murray
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So how long before...

some yank makes a comment about you nicking Band of Brothers. ;)

Great re-enactment but I'm sure when I studied Agincourt in history Optimus Prime was involved in the background somewhere.

Mozilla's SeaMonkey 2.0 exits cryptobiosis

Dave Murray


If Firefox and Thunderbird had a baby, it would most certainly not be SeaMonkey. Firefox and Thunderbird are the children of SeaMonkey. If software had children.

Historian slams 'absolutely crazy' UK time zone

Dave Murray

Portuguese time?

That why it's called Greenwich Mean Time then? After some place in Portugal? Oh right.

WTF is this country called America?

Dave Murray

Canadian eh?

Can't be Canadian, he didn't say "eh" at the end of every sentence guy.

Burger King cooks up Windows 7 Whopper

Dave Murray
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Give me the meat!

Why only Japan? This monster would sell a bomb in Glasgow, more if they deep fried it!

@Jelliphiish: Yeah so does most things but at least I can enjoy one of these, unlike most so called healty food.

Nokia sues Apple over iPhone

Dave Murray
Jobs Horns

Go! Nokia! Go!

Teach them fruity patentards a lesson!

What if you had a launch party and nobody came?

Dave Murray

Icelandic Servers

"It's been a truism to say Windows 7 is the last big operating system launch before all our software ends up on a server parked somewhere in Iceland."

Funny, arguably Iceland's biggest software, EVE-Online, runs on servers parked in London.

El Reg launches 'Skinny Fit' fashion range

Dave Murray
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Brilliant! (as ever)

Playmobil figures feared lost in Great Fire of Guildford

Dave Murray

Everyone knows the baker was innocent

It was Optimus Prime what done it!

China bans foreign investment in online video games

Dave Murray

@Reg Sim

Even if this does shut down the Chinese EVE server it won't effect CCP's bottom line. They have a tiny number of players over there and tbh shutting down that server will probably save them money.

Fanbois howl over data-munching Snow Leopard bug

Dave Murray
Jobs Horns

No backup

"I had 250GB of data without backup and I lost everything: years and years of documents, pictures, video, music!!!"

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving luser.

Web firms seek Royal Mail rivals with GSOH for delivery fling

Dave Murray

Deplorable, irresponsible and unnaceptable

What is deplorable, irresponsible and unnaceptable is Royal Mail bosses going to concerts instead of official negotiations and firing staff for refusing to cross legally organised picket lines at other offices, both of which have happened recently. Then there are the pay rises that were agreed to last year that staff have yet to recieve. I'm sure the BCC’s director of policy wouldn't be too happy if he hadn't recieved a pay rise he was promised.

Facebookers condemned to Hell Lite

Dave Murray

worst thing to have happened on the internet ever

Actually that would be Facebook itself.

Or maybe Twatter.

Or some other Web 2.0 bollocks.

Radio Society to Ofcom: Hear See you in court

Dave Murray
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Go! RSGB Go!

Almost makes me wish I was still a member.

PC tune-up software: does it really work?

Dave Murray

Registry results incorrectly measured

I just had a look at the KB page for dureg.exe and it says:

"Dureg.exe measures data; it does not measure space. Note that because the space that data occupies varies with the storage method and the amount of free disk space that is available, the size of data and the amount of disk space that is used are not equal. Additionally, because Dureg.exe measures data, it does not account for fragmented-unused space in the registry."

You used this app to test several tools that defrag the registry but MS explicitly state it can't measure that. Did you even read the description of the app before you used it?

Opera lobby dubs IE ballot screen 'threatening and confusing'

Dave Murray

Too many buttons to click?

I have a simple solution to that. Reduce the number of buttons by not offering Opera as a choice.

MS could embrace this idea fully by only offering the three most popular browsers - IE, Firefox and Chrome/Safari (whichever is no 3 now). Simple, effective and nicely screws those moaning windbags at Opera.

'Do You Want To See My C*ck?' asks budding author

Dave Murray

You can say one thing for him...

he's got balls!

North Wales Police institute new happiness law

Dave Murray

Good to see you support MCN

In my recent experience the Police in this country are useless at catching actual criminals who commit crimes like GBA or Sexual Assault and spend all their time harassing decent citizens. We need more journalists to get behind campaigns like this one and show the general public that it isn't just "evil" bikers that have a problem with the police but anyone who wants to live in the free country we used to have.

iPhone anti-phishing protection goes AWOL

Dave Murray

@AC 22:01

Yeah coz they're going to find out it's you downloading porn because of your comments on El Reg. Your IP address and iPhone user agent string in the logs won't give them a clue at all.

Labour calls for free Wi-Fi on trains

Dave Murray


We already have free wifi on some Glasgow bus services, mostly ones to Edinburgh or the airport. I used to use it to check my email and start working on my to do list for the day while travelling to work. Never had any issue with neds being interested in my pda, they probably all thought it was an ipod anyway. It worked a hell of a lot better and faster than the arthritic, crippled service Virgin charge for on the west coast mainline whenever I have the misfortune to travel to England.

See we're not so backward as you all thought.

UK population to abandon Midlands

Dave Murray

I had..

peppered steak with mushroom cous-cous last night. Ah the Scottish diet is terrible, yes.

New trial means Unix ownership still up for debate

Dave Murray


What Darl McBride really said was "Braiiiiiiins"!

Sony to make rechargeable batteries last 4x longer

Dave Murray

Since it's Sony...

So how long till they explode?

Old-school virus threatens Delphi files

Dave Murray

So much FUD

and all copied directly from Sophos press release.

Delphi files can't be run. They can be compiled into programs that can be run but they themselves can't. Opening a file of Delphi code can't cause it to automatically make changes to other files.

Then there's the "if you have programs written in Delphi you're probably infected" scaremongering. It all depends how long this virus has been in the wild, something Sopos fail to mention. If it's been around for a week then only software released in the last week could be suspect. If it's been around longer then more software could be suspect. Not publishing these details and the tone of Sophos press release doesn't help anyone, least of all the millions of Delphi developers worldwide.

Campaign for official Turing apology gathers steam

Dave Murray


"It is atrocious that we don't recognise this man and the only way to do so is to apologise to him."

Might be a bit tricky, he's been dead fifty odd years!

Most gamers fat and miserable, finds study

Dave Murray
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In other news...

I did a survey of American reality TV programs and found that... Most Americans are fat, miserable, obsessed with plastic surgery and stupid!

Back in the real world... I've been playing games since Pong and I'm online for about 6 hours most nights. I'm 36, weigh 10 stone with a 30" waist and I'm neither single nor depressed. Must be because I'm not American.

World whines as AT&T muzzles 4chan, Google

Dave Murray

Article funny, comments funnier...

I thought the article was funny, particularly the last line, but the comments are even better.

@Jeff3 - You ain't from round these parts are ya boy? First time you've read a Ted article and first time you've commented I'm guessing.

@AC 3rd August 2009 08:13 GMT - Don't count your chickens before they've hatched. I'll believe Phorm is dead when I read their bankruptcy filing. We've been told SCO is dead more times than I can remember yet still that zombie keeps shuffling.

@Pete2 - I think a lot more people have heard of 4chan than you think and it is not a US phenomenon. Loved the way you reinforced your point by posting almost exactly the same comment 4 minutes later as an AC. I' sure everyone thinks it was someone agreeing with you, oh yes.

Cameron condemns Tweeters as tw*ts

Dave Murray
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oh noes...

First David Davis says things I agree with, now David Cameron steals words out of my mouth. I'm going to need a bath in Domestos to get over this Toryness infection.

802.11n Wi-Fi to be standardised... at last

Dave Murray

Re: 'Bout time

"I'm surprised they didn't change it just enough to render all the 11n kit out there unusable."

How do you know they didn't? The article doesn't say either way.

Silverlight 3: closer to what client-side .NET should have been

Dave Murray
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"while access to local devices such as ... bar code readers"

So it doesn't take input from the keyboard???

The vast majority (if not all) barcode readers these days are keyboard wedge. If a keyboard works then the reader will too.

Orange calls up LG watchphone

Dave Murray
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/me drools

Microsoft promises no patent prosecution of open-source .NET

Dave Murray

For once the paranoids are wrong

The MS Community Promise may sound like PR but it IS a legally binding document that they can't renege on. It applies to developers, distributors, and users without regard to the development model, copyright licenses or the associated business model of an implementation.

Possible issues come with what is and is not covered by the CP. It only covers the ECMA standards for C# and the CLI. Mono is a lot more than that and everything else is not covered - ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Winforms, etc. Also the CP only covers implementations that implement all required portions of a specification; partial implementations are not covered

Tory plan for MS, Google, others to hold NHS records floated

Dave Murray

Oh god no...

The Tories clearly need to read this week's Fail & You column. What do they expect medical staff to do if a patient's records are unavailable for 6 hours when emergency treatment is required? And, who will they hold responsible if the patient dies? Larry? Sergey? Eric? Yeah, right.

I find Google's apparent attempts to take over the US and UK governments very worrying. Not only are we going to be subject to expensive and ill-advised Government 2.0 schemes but doesn't it all smack of some Bond villan's evil master plan? Forget the evil Bill + Steve icons we need an evil Google icon.

Royal Society of Chemistry hunts Janet Leigh

Dave Murray
Paris Hilton

60 second shower?

I can't get all my hair wet in 60 seconds let alone wash it. (it does hang past my belt)

Guess the Royal Society of Chemistry are jealous coz they're all going bald!

Hollywood prepares to battle Asteroids

Dave Murray

Cuba Gooding Jnr Should have a bigger part

see title

Gamer embezzles virtual cash to settle real debts

Dave Murray

Old News

This happened weeks ago, took your time reporting it. He has no plans to return because he can't. After being banned for breach of EULA if he tries to start a new account CCP will ban that too.

CCP don't have a laissez-faire attitiude to the darker side of the game, they actively encourage it. This is the big selling point of EVE over every other game on the market. New Eden isn't Hello Kitty Island, it's a dystopian view of the future for adult gamers.

Apple nixing Nvidia from 'Nehalem' Macs?

Dave Murray

Nvidia needs Apple...


Nvidia sells far more products for non-Apple PCs than for Apple PCs. For Apple to change they will need OSX drivers which will take time to write and test. I'd definitely say Apple needs Nvidia more than the other way round.

Kingdom of Sweden dragged into Reg smut-basket

Dave Murray

Not bad but...

failed to use the proper amount of caps, exclamation marks and swearing for a true FOTW.

"absolute lack of news value and displays the English media as an utterly poor performer in regards to research and proper ethical command"

Sounds like the British press to me, El Reg is always much better.


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