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BT profits from services


Who are all those....

188.000 DLS subscriber MUPPET'S that probably do not even know nor care about PHORM?

I soon as i heard that PHORM crap i ran a country mile and canceled my contract IMMEDIATELY.

Sadly, rewarding a monopoly like BT means that this crap will happen again.


Memo to Microsoft, RIM, Nokia: Quit copying Apple!


Yeah...go on mate

"I work with Fortune 500 type organizations. In my 20 year experience, large organization IT services make life diffcult for themselves with complex processes and procedures. The tech Microsoft provides is simple and effective; it is "fit for purpose"......"

You must not have had to deal with the pain of trying to console Ex-XP users who were forced to use Windows 7 much i see. Why change the GUI to a point that all that has been learned in the past counts for nothing? I have used computers for 20 years myself and have dealth with support for the last 10 but i will never forgive MS for slapping us with so many changes in 7 that i will NOT buy another OS from MS. To play the games that i want to play, yes, i still play games at my age, I will buy a console.

You obviously must be a bit higher up on the food chain or simply are talking out of your rear end with that statement of yours.

Google to settle state 'Wi-Spy' spat out of court


it's not.....

For me it is the fact that they are paying their way out without an admission of guilt since google has deep pockets and it wont make a blind bit of difference to them if they can say they did not thing wrong.

Settling out of court means most certainly that you still get to say that you did nothing wrong. I want to see those terms that the state of CON agreed to and i bet a million buck that we wont.

Microsoft issues temp fix for serious Windows security bug



I do NOT use IE and for good reason. I got slapped with some nasty BHO issues when those first came about. That left a bad taste in my mouth for IE.

If you still use IE you deserve to get whacked to be honest. That thing is crap and a pain to code for. I got so sick of coding hacks for it that i moved to Wordpress. Now i do not give a hoot if some IE user cant see my page correctly and i tell that to use a diff browser that actually supports proper standards.

Facebook bigger than Jesus online in 2010


padded google searches

This is just lazy people, like me, who just type in an URL without the pre or suffix as many of you have mentioned. I immediately knew why there were so many searches for facebook and it had nothing to do with %2 of the worlds population searching for it.

For once i do not mind Facebook................. actually ranking higher than DOG. But they are still evil scum though.

500 million sheep ready for the ke-bab-a-a-aaab

Internet Explorer info leak festers for 2 years

Thumb Down

This is.......

the exact reason i am going open source OS now as well (linux).

I have been using Mozilla for years now and the-i-cant-be-bothered-with-you-little-petty-people-who-find-vulnerabilities attitude is what is going to drive M$ down teh drain.

There was a vulnerability found and left open for a very long time because they did not deem this vulnerability to be a vulnerability. This was probably exploited in the wild as well.

Microsoft, you left this open. I trust you, not so much anymore now that i am learning linux more and more, to fix this crap and when you slap us like that we will leave in droves.

I only use IE when i cannot use particular functions of firefox. For instance, i could not log into my ISP and pay my bill online prior to using this site since i have nearly all security add ons you can find and they tend to interfere with secure pages.

M$ does not care about yor data security. For me it started with the BHO in IE exploits that were driving me mad. Then came all the friggen virii. And now we have "bugs' left open for exploitation for years.

Yeah, i love you M$. Not.....hello linux.

While linux also has it problems they are not as widepread. I read, probably here, about a repository of one distro being infected not so long ago and it was not discovered for two years. But at least i do not have to worry about M$ virii anymore.

M$ has crippled my XP now to the point where i get DEP errors simply when i transfer an .avi from dvd to hdd. What used to take me 2 min now takes 9 and i cant have that. That is what really made the decision to go open source for me since now M$ are just plugging holes and they do not care about what it does to the OS since it is an old OS. Bollocks, I paid for it so fix it right the right way.

Google defies Turkey, reinstates Atatürk insult videos


And just when i was going to state.............

something about turkey joining the EU comes the last sentence. While turkey is far better with their human rights record than, say, iran, they still have lots to improve on.

Phone hacking probe cops 'got law wrong' - were too lenient


what a waste of space

Utter friggen idiots they are. They did not learn one single thing from the Phorm fiasco.

Why are we paying for these idiots?

Czechs tell Google to stop StreetView


you must be joking.......

"There is nothing wrong with taking pictures of public places


I'm not sure this will legally stand, you can't stop someone from taking pictures of public places.

Also the Register's anti-Google attitude is very obvious, and unnecessary."

Ah, somebody has not visited the UK yet. I suggest you come down here and plant a nice, expensive, camera on a tripod and try to take pictures of, lets say, the local police station or buckingham palace and see how long that statement of yours remains true.

I can pretty much guarantee that before you even get to set up your camera you will have wannabee cops, read PCSO's, calling the real cops to come and deal with your terrorism instincts. After all, if you are taking pictures in public places that must mean that you are a terrorist and need to be dealt with accordingly.

Freedom of the press...yeah right.

US undergrads crash NASA satellite into Arctic


It pays to read ...

the whole article.

AMD to dump ATI brand


I dont care what they are called as long as.....

YOUR FRIGGEN DRIVERS WORK for my 4850 and they dont. Starting with 9.5 i cannot get my fan to spin up to anything than default, %18 i think it is, and at that speed you will fry your chip in no time. And yes i have it set to override the speed manually otherwise you have a machine set to fry eggs on.

I have tried everything up to 10.6 and the only one out of those is 10.4. Tried going through AMD/ATI support lately? I gave up cos it is one rat race of a circle and i am sick and tired of being made to jump through one hoop after another and then doing the same.

I bought my first AMD back in the P4/Athlon days when the AMD chip was better. Now it seems through some anti-competitive practices Intel have taken the lead again so i might go back to intel .When i used Intel I never had the sort of driver problems i am experiencing with this AMD/ATI crap.

150 pounds that 4850 cost me and just barely a year later i cant even update the drivers in fear of frying my card.

Google faces antitrust investigation in Texas


Shill bidding anyone?

What is your view on shill bidding?

Think that is fair to artificially raise the price of top placed links when your own company bids in the process in secret?

Yeah, that in itself is anti-competitive and fraud if you ask me. No wonder Google is getting rich

Game-addicted man scores rare win over software lawyers



What i got from this article was that just because you sign an EULA does not mean you sign away your rights to sue even if it explicitly says so in the EULA. Everything else in that article is irrelevant.

This is a good thing as we all know that EULA are solely geared towards the makers no matter what.

I still have this thought in my head that anything you write in MS Word belongs to MS.

VW to eliminate worst road hazard: drivers


I swear it wasn't me officer......

I am telling you it was the car that killed that cyclist


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