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Google orders spontaneous support for Parliamentary motion


But it's OK for them..

"But the idea of Google initiating legislative changes, and then using citizens groups to provide 'support' for them, disturbs industries affected by the changes."

As opposed to:

The Idea of MPAA and RIA creating legislation and forcing it through parliament with no debate or chance to challenge by OUR elected officials.

The Pirate Bay cries foul over Pirate Bay copycats

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Too small to fail: Obama signs Nontrepreneurs Act


Steves name is missing a comma and question mark

Steve, Bong?

Viacom's anti-Google copyright case rises from the dead


Think you got the wrong icon there.

<< Troll would be much more your style

Sarkozy hails 'success' of Hadopi's pirate cops


Soon this will be imposed on all of us

Sorry to place a link to another site but haven't seen this report on El Reg yet.


Judge nixes Apple's bid to patent-bash bankrupt Kodak


Re: prior art?

As Apple generally rehash everyone else's ideas into a nice consumer friendly package I suspect most of their patents follow this rule

Microsoft 'yanked optical drive from Xbox 720'


Re: Is this really unexpected?

Problem for me with this is it's aimed at allowing Microsoft to control the distribution channel.

I can buy a 6 months old game from Amazon/Play/Ebay for £15(second hand)-25(new) on XBoxLive I have to pay £40 for the privilege.

I happily own 60 games for the XBox and XBox 360 but if this is the way Microsoft want to play it then I will wait to see what SONY are offering and if they too try to fuckover their customers I will buy which ever is easiest to crack and give neither of them a penny more than that.

Music fans not welcome in RIAA-backed .music


Ur Joking aren't you?

.com is the most toxic domain going these days. Merely owning a .com domain and using a quote from a movie or humming a lyric is enough to get you extradited to the US!

US entertainment lawyer casts doubt on Megaupload case


He may well be

The money laundering was thrown in to make the case meet it's "extradition" requirement. Even if he was money laundering that charge is against the individual not the company. If that's the only one they get him on I hope everyone with a mega account sues the US Gov for it's heavy handed approach to a legitimate business.

Oh and if that does happen don't expect MAFIAA, the RIA or your bent politicians to pay for the cost of fixing this mess, no sir. That will be covered but the public purse.

SOPA is dead. Are you happy now?

Thumb Down


Why not have it so you can only donate to the party, that way no influence over individuals.

Keep the cap on the amount each person can contribute and also limit the amount that parties can spend on an election campaign. That way every other commercial for the next 9 months won't be about the election and neither party would be able to buy the Presidency.

The sooner America can sever the connection between self serving corporations and cash guzzling politicians the better.

Blighty's film biz asks gov to hurry up pirate crackdown


At least....

SOPA and PIPA got debated by elected officials, our DEA is only alive because the system of law was abused so blatantly by a twice caught fraudster (Mandy). It got rushed into law in an completely undemocratic process called "the wash". This is a period of time when parliament is dissolved in the run up to a general election but somehow laws still get passed with no-one able to debate or challenge them.


SOPA and PIPA got debated by elected officials, our DEA is only alive because the system of law was abused so blatantly by a twice caught fraudster (Mandy). It got rushed into law in an completely undemocratic process called "the wash". This is a period of time when parliament is dissolved in the run up to a general election but somehow laws still get passed with no-one able to debate or challenge them.

Murdoch slams White House over SOPA in Twitter row


Nice quote

I'm having that.... but wait! When did the person you're quoting die? If it was 1943 or after then this persons creative work my still be copyrighted (on death +70 years)... So by you quoting some dead dude you are effectively going to get El Reg removed from the internet.

That's SOPA at work right there. The copyright laws are already over the top for what is effectively as bad a crime as littering or Jaywalking.

Sony: all new PS3 titles will require PSN Pass for online play


Difference is...

As far I know only 3rd party publishers are charging you the second hand tax on XBox. I don't think Microsoft published games like Gears 3 or Forza 4 are trying to fuck you for every last penny

Microsoft takes the Android profit, the Wonkas take the pain


Google did what it had to do....

... to get to market in time to still be in with a shout and worry consequences later. I'm not saying it's right but I think they understood that with zero OS experience they had to move quickly to join the party Apple started (and forgot to invite anyone else), Google could then get a foot hold before the OS giant came along and tried to crash the party. Microsoft had the luxury of being a big player in the OS market and so could take it's time, Google need a hell for leather approach to get where it is now. I'm not even sure they care about the how they got there and how much it's going to cost in short term patent suites as long as it can serve adds to 500 millions (I have on idea of the correct figure) android phone on it's terms.

EU recording copyright extension 'will cost €1bn'


Someone buy that man a drink

Just Bravo!


Copyright has evolved

beyond the idea of protecting artists and trying to ensure that they are compensated for the works they create, to protecting a cartel of record labels who have no idea how to survive in a digital age.

Apple nemesis sues iOS, Mac, and Android devs


Nearly but not quite...

Patents serve their purpose very well in the US, and that purpose is to protect markets against outside companies. If you want to launch product like say a new smart phone: In the US you'll need to partner up with one of the Big Boys (like M$ or Google) to protect yourself against Apple, as HTC are finding out now. so your paying some US based company for their license pool the company gets paid and the government gets more taxes.

If the patent system was just a way for lawyers to get paid all the tech companies would be campaigning to omit software from patent laws, but as things stand it's more beneficial to protect themselves against innovative foreign startups than it is pay off the lawyers to sort it out.

Change will only come about when they realise that the backers behind the patent troll holding companies are from foreign investors screwing the system for their own non-American gains.

Turks take to the streets against web filters


It won't be long

Before the UK and the rest of Europe will have to take to the streets to protest against a similar thing being setup.


Leaked US cables finger Chinese army hackers for cyber-spying


Good to see WikiLeaks...

Are keeping the world informed once again.

Assange ambushes Australian Prime Minister on live TV


And the little matter of...

And all those scientists doctoring the climate change evidence.

And a God complex

Steve Jobs clarifies 'Subscription Gate' confusion with more confusion

Jobs Horns

I think you maybe missing the point slightly...

Taking your shops stocking a magazine argument a little bit closer to the truth, would be:

A shop stocks a magazine and charges the publisher 40-70% for each magazine it sells. I buy the magazine and like it so much I decide I want a years subscription to it. Now I fill in a form in the magazine and send it to the publisher along with payment which is generally in the region of (price x 12) - 40% (that they don't have to pay the newsagent) and I get the magazine through my door once a month until the year is up and I pay the vastly reduced price again for a subscription.

What Apple are trying to do here is say that the form you fill in and send to the publisher should instead be sent to them for no apparent reason other than you bought it through them, which I might add is the only place to buy such things so I call it by it's proper name a "Monopoly". So it's quite clear to everyone that Apple are blatantly abusing their monopoly to demand publishers use a system that gives Apple a 30% cut for having sold you 1 magazine at some point.

Now publishers who want to sell through the app store will have to either absorb the 30%, possible but unlikely, or they'll pass it on at least in part to you and me the customer. Apple won't missing out on their cut, the Publisher can't miss out and reduce it's margins so I'm left paying extra for something Steve Jobs hand no hand in!

Motorola lands 16-patent countersuit on Microsoft


And there is the rub...

The patent system although getting out of hand with everyone suing everyone else it does allow American companies with a long patent history, the likes of Microsoft, Apple ect., to restrict or to licence (read 'Tax') any new comers to the market. So your TomTom and Asian companies can't come in and undercut everyone, because the price to license the patented tech in the US brings their prices up to the same level as those already established in the market.

The patent system is what it is. But big businesses need it because it would cost them far more not to have it.

I just sit here in the UK thankful we have a free market, at least until we try to sell our product in the States.

Net TV to consign Net Neutrality debate to dustbin of history. Why?


Time to change ISP

nuff said

Anti-piracy lawyers' email database leaked after hack


Most interesting thing I have read on the subject is...

TalkTalk and Virgin challenge the ACS court orders and so their customers aren't being hunted down by ACS.

Microsoft secretly yanks TechNet product keys

Gates Horns

Does it matter?

They are after all Microsoft, and have never given a f@#k if it's legal

Mozilla shrugs off 'forever free' H.264 codec license


Get a clue

The difference between Flash and Google search is they aren't a web standard, they aren't being put forward as being part of HTML 5, they aren't going to be used by every webmaster in a few years time because they're part of a standard only for MPEG-LA to come along and say "You know that standard your using for free? Yeah you know, the one we gave away for long enough so that everyone forgot about us? Yeah! that's the one. Well now you pay us for using it or we sue your arse"

Thankfully the stance Opera, Mozilla and Chrome are taking, might actually(hopefully?) kill off this madness of getting a patented non-royalty free technology adopted as part of an open standard.


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