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Capgemini staffers evacuated by cops after London helicopter crash


Re: Oh nos!

Well none of this would have happened if that guy had his own burning wreckage of a helicopter...

Paintball round pops Bulgarian airbag


Oil, chalk and food colouring suspension in a gelatin casing

At 300fps from 20yds away a paintball round can puncture the plastic pods that you use to hold them during a game. Recreational facilities tend to dial down their equipment to fire at a much lower speed but the inconsistency of the CO2 (the most popular propellent) can still cause high velocity spikes. They can certainly do serious damage to an eyeball (or, um, a testicle!) from pretty much anywhere on a paintball field.

Man in goggles because, well, that's why you're not supposed to take them off.

Apple orders millions of iPhone 5s for September release



It's the best phone.

It's 3G and has the WiFis.

Aunty squirts serendipity into TV apps


If I had to choose, I'd keep Auntie every time

The BBC is one of the few things we've still got left to be proud of in this country - I would much rather my contribution to the licence fee is spent on innovating tech like this than spending it on more cop/medical/sci-fi/historically inaccurate shows from the US that inevitably get cancelled before they reach a satisfactory conclusion (or in some cases, even start to make sense; Lost, I'm looking at you...)

I pay more in a month to Sky than I do to the BBC in a year and all that gets me is more channels of mindless cr*p! If I didn't need to point all my furniture at something I'd get rid of my TV tomorrow, but even then I'd still feel that the licence fee was value for money.

The day the BBC gets sold or outsourced to another private organisation will be a sad day, although I'm sure it's coming...

Orange gives the green light


Probability factor 1 to 1...

"We have normality. I repeat -- we have normality. Anything you still can't cope with is, therefore, your own problem".

Is this like how the London Tube has separate classifications for "normal" and "good" service?


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