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Female-free speaker list causes PHP show to collapse when diversity-oriented devs jump ship

Phil NZ

Sounds like a pseudo-scientific argument to me.

Phil NZ

"when the vast majority of coders is male (and always will be)"

Wait, why "and always will be"?

Azure Stack's debut ends the easy ride for AWS, VMware and hyperconverged boxen

Phil NZ

Black-box mould then?

Phil NZ

Re: New?

It wasn't a value judgement, simply a comment that Azurestack ain't a new paradigm. More comprehensive, yes. Better, subjective. New, certainly not.

Phil NZ


"Azure Stack gives us a new way to cloud by bringing cloud services into your very own bit barn"

Not wanting to rain on this lovely parade but wtf is OpenStack then and why am I using it right now?

Cool as this announcement is they even pinched the bloody name!

BlackBerry snips Alcatel label off a midrange biz 'Droid, sells it for $299

Phil NZ

I'd buy a droid from Blackberry. If the camera doesn't suck. I ended up on an iPhone because the 5c camera was faster and better than equivalent priced droids. Nexus 4 cameras were slooooow, the 5s I checked out not much better. Software problem I think but such a fundamental thing to have wrong in a smartphone.

Cops cuff armed white supremacist in banana costume

Phil NZ
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Because nothing screams racial superiority like banana costumes and indecent exposure.


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