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FalconStor may have morale problem


Root cause analysis is necessary

'“…too challenging for you” a typical senior management answer to a problem at FalconStor. The only challenge is dealing with the daily harassment by one's superiors.

I really wish someone at FalconStor would wake up and realize that nepotism is not a way to run a company. There is no easy way to fire your brother for incompetence. Employ family members after they were fired from their previous job probably is not a good idea either. But perhaps the foremost mistake is making them part of senior management. Ohhhhh, it just became clear why you think the moral is high. One, big, happy, family.

And of course you and the senior management will say that there is no problem. You are sitting on bloated salaries, preferred stock and employment contracts all made from blood, sweat and tears of the people below you. So when it doesn’t go your way, you terminate, reshuffle and push the blame down. So, do you sleep better at night?

I feel sorry for the few hard working souls that relentlessly believe in the company and the product just to have their aspiration destroyed by the ineptitude of the senior management.

FalconStor product line is still the best, but without the right leadership it will fail. There really is no need for the competitors to say anything negative about FalconStor. They just need to wait.



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