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Network boffins say Terabit Ethernet is TOO FAST


What, pray tell, is an RJ-45 cable?


Do you use it with a CAT5 connector?

Has Microsoft finally killed off Windows 8 Start button?


Having used it for months now...


...I can confirm that Windows 8 is by far the worst-designed, least intuitive interface ever put on a desktop. And I'm including ME in that.

On a tablet - meh, it might work OK, but as a desktop UI it is utterly horrendous. They can't possibly be serious about expecting it to work in the corporate world - it will be avoided like the plague. Maybe they've been looking on with envy at how crApple manages to tell it's customers exactly what to do, and have them masochistically enjoy it at the same time - and are going to try and 'force' adoption in the workplace - which would make the Vista fiasco look tame.

Looks to me like they've changed their mind again and are going to end up diverging into consumer/corporate markets with two distinctly separate offerings. Massive, massive fail on their part if that's the case - the best thing MS ever did was execute 9x and bring everything under NT/2K - XP is the most stable O/S I've ever used, and I still use it at home as there are things about Win7 that irk me.

I wish they'd just stop fucking around with things. Every O\S they release looks more and more like it was designed as a Toys-R-Us in-store display unit.

Facebook to shove Timeline in EVERYONE'S face soon



DIY virtual machines: Rigging up at home

Thumb Up

Nod here for Proliants as well

Got three ML115s with another one running openfiler as shared storage. Works an absolute dream running ESXi. Cheap as chips too - under a grand for the lot (though the array card is an absolute pig due to tiny amount of cache) Why anyone would ever run Windoze virtualisation at home when XenServer and ESXi are free and infinite orders of magnitude better is beyond me.

Help! My Exchange server just rebooted



That's interesting. I've used Exchange since 5.5 in every single environment I've ever worked in, including 2000, 2003 and 2007 (just chucking 2010 in now where I am currently) and not had to run ESEUTIL for about eight years. On all three occasions (all 5.5 installations) eseutil ran, did it's job and brought the Exchange DB back online without errors.

In use, Exchange 2003 is far, far more stable than any other mail platform I've supported. I run it on a VM with 4Gb of RAM and 2 vCPUs, with 5 databases, taking up c. 180Gb of space, back it up using industry-standard products & SAN snapshots and haven't had a single problem with it in the three years I've been here. It grunts through about a million messages per day, and - up until last summer - I even had it running on a 7.2k san, shared by my entire VM infrastructure (approx 80 servers on four hosts). I'll say that again - not one single problem.

The only places Exchange causes problems are when it's being supported by whining neurotics who are out of their comfort zone with anything other than Lotus' absolute aberration (if you want to see a true 'relict' from the last millennium, look no further than that POS), people who are too stupid/lazy to understand/learn how to use it, or the anti-M$ brigade.

Utah to honour Browning M1911 semi-automatic


For the hard of understanding...

'Removing access to firearms' means both the general public AND the criminals. For blindingly obvious reasons, just making it illegal to own them now and confiscating them from people who legally own them wouldn't...

Oh what's the fucking use. If you're that much of a bellend that you couldn't understand what I was driving at, no amount of explanation of a subject is going to make you comprehend.


Anybody who thinks that removing access to firearms...

... would NOT lead to a lowering of the murder rate is an absolute, utter fucking idiot.

Conversely, anyone who thinks this is even remotely possible in a country where there are more guns than pebbles on Brighton beach is just as much of an absolute, utter fucking idiot.

Post ends here.

Microsoft to hire 4,000 in UK


Jobs created by Microsoft?

I'm willing to bet a substantial sum that not a single one of them will really be employed by Microsoft (who only have about 500 actual employees). Yet more bullshit from a company looking for tax exemptions, lower business rates or other favourable treatment from a government delighted to stick it's arsehole in the air and get penetrated.

Giffgaff says some subscribers yakked for 9 days a month


I've said it before, and I'll say it again...

Stupidest. Company. Name. Ever

What fucking muppet came up with this? It''s like combining something from the worst of the dotcom era (clickmango anyone?) with something that twat Danny Dyer would say on one of his TV football hooligan vehicles.

How to make boots on Mars affordable - One way trips



It'd be nice to stop fucking our own gaff up before we start fucking other planets up.

The great Aussie firewall is back - and this time it's personal

Big Brother



"All URLs on the list are reviewed quarterly to check whether they are still pointing to prohibited, or potentially prohibited content"

The last part of that sentence should give everyone (not just the conspiracy-nut theorists) chills.

Big Brother because... well, it's obvious really, innit?

Software dev turned rogue trader gets jail and €4.9bn fine


A 'Symbolic' fine?

WTF is that? Can I ask that I pay a 'symbolic fine' of two hundred and seventeen billion quid instead of paying sixty quid for speeding?


IPv6 uptake still slow despite looming address crunch


More IPv6 hype

I work for an organisation that used to be an ISP (back in the dim, distant past). We've still got over 8000 addresses assigned to us - and we use about 5% of them.

The IPv6 scaremongering is laughable. I remember first being told the IPv4 world was coming to an end in about 1995 - that everything would be running IPv6 by the year 2000 or teh intarnetz (or whatever the meme was back then) would fall over and collapse in on itself like a dying star. Fast-forward 15 years and we're still in exactly the same position.

All the shit about smartphone uptake finally spelling The End (tm) for IPv4 is ludicrous - every single smartphone on Earth is proxied through a bank of addresses that the ISP has - it's not like we're all running around with public addresses on our Androids/Jesus Phones. The crap about the Chinese swallowing up all the addresses is also pants - they're running everything through state-controlled ISPs that probably have about 40000 connections proxied through the same IP.

I can't see any need for it at anything other than an ISP level for decades.

Orange gives the green light


Odd then...


That Orange sent an email through to my office this afternoon (to completely the wrong person, of course), advising us that many of their APNs were still down and they were 'working to fix the problem'.

BBC dumps Gulf oil spill on Middlesbrough



First El Reg chucks up a story about a brothel 200 yards from my house, the very next day I get a story showing me just how utterly annihilated my house would be if a bomb exploded almost next to it (that postcode is about 100 yards away from me)

What gives?

Croydon Advertiser blows lid on 'sinister' brothel


As a resident of West Croydon...

And, more specifically, living about 200 yards away from said brothel I can categorically state that it isn't the worst thing about the area. In fact, if you were to draw up a scientifc scale - with '1' being an idyllic home counties village and '10' being Downtown Barranquilla, the area would rank about 8.9. It is a grim, abject shithole.

Having the local rag crammed through my letterbox in various states of disrepair, I can also faithfully report that The Croydon Advertiser consists of approximately four pages of editorial - seemingly written by a combination of Al Murray, Diane Abbott and Jeremy Kyle - two pages of 'sport' (if you can call 'Crystal Palace' a football team) and forty six pages of adverts for beds, cars, ex-council estate slum clearance houses, faith healers, evangelists and - yes - brothels.

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