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Meet the Oz teen behind Operation Titstorm


His girlfriend,

Lisa, is a attractive and he is not obviously also a RMS in the hygiene department.

The mates who won't quietly go to "Gallipoli" to die like rats are not popular with pols like Rudd and Conroy. Rudd was dumped unceremoniously. Still in government though - a bone toss from Julia. And, with that Lo_ mein_ backbone, he grabbed it up like an eager puppy.

Final Ubuntu 10.10 and first Drizzle beta in release duet


Of course,

Hardy (LTS) is "good" until Spring 2011. It lies there as a huge beached whale, outdated and ignored. The Ubuntu fashionistas adorn each new release with tinsel and fluff and Linux share has sunk below 1% of net traffic. That figure represents primarily PC installs.

The 6 month release schedule drives the PC herd back to WinMac leaving only those disposed to upgrade/reinstall/maintain and search the forums for fixes for boxes broken by "regressions". Ubuntu has been so bad on at least one release that one of the IT literati asked if Canonical was actually working for MS.

We do give the nod to Ubuntu for innovation. Who else would have thought to move the Window controls to the nether regions?

Ubuntu is not the only Linux solution - thankfully.

Windows malware dwarfs other viral threats



Windows PCs" the author writes. Then, the commentards foul the water with server chatter which is irrelevant.

Of course Linux on the desktop is superior. That is why it has recently falled to .85% - less than 1% of web traffic.

The survey pertained to PCs.

Written from a box representing that vast less than one percent whilst logged in as Faux-Root, the increasingly popular Linux remedy for uppity Root users.

"All this windows hatred is a sickness."

Open source's ardent admirers take but don't give


Title goes here...

It is with deep gratitude and relief that I received the news that Ubuntu "gives back" nearly nothing to the Community. Thank you Canonical! Wish you actually gave even less.

As to turning a profit - if Canonical treats enterprise customers with cash in hand as they do the vast Ubuntu herd, there will be no profits. And, with a 1% contribution to Gnome, it occurs to me that currently Gnome seemingly has adopted the Ubuntu view that users are too stupid to use indoor plumbing.

And, we give the obligatory salute to the now less than 1% out there that fly Linux on the desktop. Certainly wouldn't miss that bandwagon for anything.

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