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Tesla share crash amid Republican bid to kill off electric car tax break


Enough of Supporting tho environmental dogma

Electric cannot stand on their own merits. Cost, range, even the "environmental" benefit are dubious because the power has to come somewhere and making those lithium batteries is dirty.

Do you think the bans on ice are "environmental protection".

It is more about environmental dogma to ban cars that are massively cleaner than 4 decades ago.

This nonsense is going to end one day on the co2 bs.

As the old saying goes (despite the press love affair with the pc electric cars), the emperor has no clothes.

Data protection and surveillance: Swapping the speed camera for ANPR?


Any speed camera iis a bad policy

Speed were never about safety. Any other version is no different. As the late Paul Smith of Safe Speed once stated on his web site. A speed camera is like using a hammer to fix a watch.

Most speeding problems are the result of under set limits, not people going nuts. Further most speed related crashes (not simply speeding, but going TOO FAST for conditions) can occur above or below the limit. Many in fact occur below the limit and point to the fact that there is a small group of drivers who are unsafe AT ANY SPEED.

You can't solve those problems by simply adhering to a political limit on the side of the road enforced by scameras.

I would check out www.abd.org.uk or www.safespeed.org.uk

London tenders for speed cameras


Speed cameras are a SCAM!

More of the failed policy.

I love it whent the scamera side tries to say "it saves lives" . I find it most interesing that when people have compared before speed camera era to after the rate of deaths decline ALMOST WENT FLAT! http://www.abd.org.uk/road_fatalities.htm

Micro managing your speed limits is NOT A SOLUTION for long term safety. It is a political excuse.

Further most speeding is the result of UNDERSET speed limits, not the masses going crazy.

RIP OUT THE CAMERAS and replace them with patrols to go after those who are truly dangerous.

Not use the scameras for nothing more than a scam!



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