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Spyware 'scammer' sued over PC pop-up invasion

Rui Ribeiro

Virus? Spyware? malware served from banners?

What is that by god´s sake? I fail to understand how people still put up with that nonsense...it is not that you cannot find alternatives anymore. I ditched windows after 98se, and never looked back.

Tried to use linux for a couple of years, and after I learned what a Mac could do maintaining my boss computer, I had just do get one for myself. Been using one for a couple of years now, and I couldn´t be more happier.

It is just enough pain to open the XP emulation once every two months...



Kaspersky false alarm quarantines Windows Explorer

Rui Ribeiro
Jobs Halo

Anti-virus is so 90s

Anti-virus are only needed on the desktop because Windows has a flawed architecture, and on top of that almost everybody is dumb enough to double-click anything that comes by, no matter from where.

Can´t get how many guys can find normal to use an anti-virus nowadays. Been using os/x and couldn´t have been more happier.

Portuguese-speaking worm attacks Google Orkut users

Rui Ribeiro

Brazilian black hat community

I am a manager of an ISP in a Portuguese speaking country that has the misfortune to have the same name as a Brazilian location.

So, up to the point: it is unbelievable the amount of crap that comes from brazil IP addresses. Loads of spam, and fake e-mails with custom-made trojans are the order of the day. And even tough most of them are blocked by our measures, some manage to pass. yahoo.com.br also seems not to care much about our spam complaints, unfortunately.

In my opinion, in terms of this activity, Brazil comes right next after china and russia. Or perhaps due to our peculiar case, even manages to surpass russia.



Apple keeps critical security fixes to itself

Rui Ribeiro
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Apple not as good in updates

As much as I like Apple, Apple got some serious Q&A problems or shall I say, the syndrome of hiding under the rug bugs that involve interaction with 3rd party software or hardware.

The wireless bug in Intel after Tiger 10.3 never quite got so solved, and I only had a notebook that I could take anywhere and have wireless Internet after Leopard.

In Leopard, after 3 quicktimes updates, subtitles in Frontrow + Perian are not working yet, whilst the Perian team has been saying Apple is notified of a bug in Quicktime.

When Commodore ruled the world

Rui Ribeiro

A Spectrum user here too

I was a Spectrum user back in the days, however I mainly used the machine for programming. For gaming, I went to a friend's house where he had a wonderful C64 with a floppy drive, and afterward an Amiga...

Those were the times you could know a computer inside in and out, it's hardware and the "operating system" and it´s calls... and even be mad enough to do it all in assembly language.

Truth is I feel fortunate that the entry level for mastering a machine was no nearly as complex as it is today, and I am deeply grateful to all the Sinclairs, Tramiels, wozniaks and all the geniuses that spurned all that wonderful hacks that allowed us poor guys to learn the trade and be where we are today.

Spyware mum foils pervert

Rui Ribeiro

"spyware" mom?

IMO you guys are mixing people head´s up, as if there is not too much disinformation on this subjects.

Spyware is software that is installed in the computer by some malicious means, most of the time without any user of that computer knowing that or doing that knowingly. The application or application the mother in question installed were installed with intent, and I doubt very much they qualify as such.

Calling this applications security tools, snooping tools, cracker tools, or even the also incorrect hacker tools, would be a far much instructive posture.


Rui Ribeiro

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