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Linux-friendly Munich: Ja, we'll take open source collab cloud



MS-Orifice has been increasingly problematic over at least the past decade. When we used MSO-2003, a customer used to send in docs also created in MSO-2003. However, our install would not read many of the submitted documents. To solve the issue, I would often load them into OpenOffice, save as MS-Office, and then our MS-Office would read them. As for the latest MS-Office... the interface is a total fustercluck! I've used a lot of application suites, and none have had such terribly-designed user interfaces. Radical changes often take adjustment, but good ones do make the advantages clear, after a while. A year with MS-Office 2010 have made clear to me that ergonomics were nowhere near the designer's minds when this turd was polished.

NRA: Video games kill people, not guns. And here's our video game


if video games trigger violence...

If video games cause violence, then Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" must certainly be responsible for teen suicide. Let's go after the game makers and the schoolteachers!

HTC: $8 per phone for Apple patents? We're not CRAZY!


only a 'good ending?'

Chou: ..."I believe we have a very, very happy settlement and a good ending,"

Poor guy. If only the deal could have concluded with a good settlement and a happy ending.

Chrome beats IE market share for one day


weekday ie use is often not a choice

Many companies stipulate IE use on corporate systems, despite known, well-documented, pervasive security risks. Until corporate IT catches up with the tech, the weekday IE peaks will probably continue.

Mozilla Thunderturkey and its malcontents


Thunderbird Frustrations

I was a happy Thunderbird user for 6 years, and then last year hit. It has gone from being my best friend for e-mail to my worst nightmare. I've had problems with it just hanging, taking forever with it's 'indexing' operation, and even the SMTP configuration doesn't seem to work. With the SMTP issue, I can get it to send sometimes, but then Thunderbird just seems to disconfigure itself. As for the new interface, I've given it time, and it just doesn't work for me.

This article did make me feel a bit better, because I thought I was the only one experiencing these frustrations.


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