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Firefox armagg-add-on: Lapsed security cert kills all browser extensions, from website password managers to ad blockers



For anyone who thinks 'oh, no big deal, sh*t happens, and it's been fixed already' think about this: thousands of men hours, if not millions, were wasted by Firefox users everywhere trying to determine what had happened and trying to fix the issue themselves. Many lost work (tab manager add-ons) or were unable to continue to work because their password manager add-on was also disabled. Scores lost their add-on settings because they removed their add-ons in an attempt to fix the issue.

All this because someone at Firefox forgot to renew a cert.

It's raining patches, Hallelujah! Microsoft and Adobe put out their latest major fixes



Don't want to spread FUD and this just happened, but be careful if you are installing the latest batch of updates on Windows Server 2012 R2.

I installed the updates and rebooted the server and now I cannot RDP to it. Server is up and running, but the RDP app gives up at ''estimating connection quality' without ANY error message, both from a Windows 10 and a Windows 7 machine. Currently trying to solve this issue!

Spyware sneaks into 'million-ish' Asus PCs via poisoned software updates, says Kaspersky


Not at all surprised about Asus total lack of reaction to this. All you need to do is go to their forums (if you can even sign in or create an account there, such is the mess) to fully understand how unresponsive to issues they are.

Chrome ad, content blockers beg Google: Don't execute our code! Wait, no, do execute our code – just don't kill us!


Re: Why bother?

I've stuck with Firefox for many years, but it's not without it's problems, especially if you like to keep a lot of tabs open:

First they did not have a 64 bit version which would limit the amount of memory it could use to 3GB, then with the 64 bit version I run into memory fragmentation eventually slowing down the browser to a crawl - at least that could be sorted for a while by going to about:memory and clicking on the GC, CC, and 'Minimize Memory Usage' buttons.

Firefox Quantum fixed the memory fragmentation issue and subsequent slow down, but now the browser gobbles up RAM like there is no tomorrow. It simply looks like it NEVER releases memory, even when you close the tabs. Problem with this is that the buttons in the about:memory page no longer seem to help either. Only solution if you want to get nearly all of that memory back is to restart the browser.

Quantum is actually the major reason why I went from 16GB of RAM to 32GB of RAM in my new system. Kid you not lol.

Apple solemnly agrees to pay France $570m in back taxes, turns to camera, gives us a wink


Re: It's not bullshit

I think everyone agrees that loopholes should be closed. *Back taxing* those loopholes on the other hand, especially going as far as 10 years, is nothing but legalized robbery. The companies didn't do anything illegal, they just gamed the system by doing what the law ALLOWED them to do in the first place.

Oz cops investigating screams of 'why don't you die?' find bloke in battle with spider


Re: Spiders: there is no "overkill"

Oh you would have LOVED to see what I had to go through once then:

One of my ex-girlfriends had one of those old wooden houses in the mountains that we used to go to on the weekends. One of those times we decided to carry to the dumpster an old mattress that was sitting next to the outer wall. The mattress was covered in those little spiders with extremely long legs (daddy long legs?)

When we came back the following weekend, we opened the door and the door right across the hall was behaving rather strangely: it seemed like it was waving and moving all by itself, almost in an hypnotic way. Upon closer inspection, we figured out that this illusion of optic was caused by the HUNDREDS of spiders that were literally covering the whole door, top to bottom.

You see, it seems that when we removed the mattress, the spiders, now homeless, decided that moving inside the house was the next best place to be. They were EVERYWHERE. Thousands and thousands of spiders, EVERYTHING in that house was moving and waving.

And so, armed with nothing but old wrapped newspaper and magazines, for the next couple of hours I took upon myself the task of killing all those spiders while my cowardly girlfriend hid at a nearby coffee shop. I'm not particularly afraid of spiders, but even I had had enough after two whole hours of spider genocide. I had also run out of old newspaper and magazines.

And so, once the killing was done, we finally went to bed. You know that point when you are already in warm, confy, lala land, just about to fall deeply asleep? That's exactly when a live spider decided to fall down from the ceiling straight into my mouth.

Yeah. That day will forever be carved in my brain.

While the UN laughed at Trump, hackers chortled at the UN's lousy web application security


Re: They ain't laughing WITH you, Idiot in chief ...

@jake - I am not being a troll, Jake, I'm being very serious.

Instead of calling me names, how about debating my arguments? That would be a LOT more productive than just proving me right, thank you. :)

Of course, it would be a lot easier for me to have a normal rational discussion here if the moderators stopped waiting HOURS to approve my posts as they are doing lately.

I've been following El Reg for 20 years and it saddens me to see a publication with a 'Biting the hand that feeds IT' tagline basically censoring anyone who doesn't follow the leftist narrative.

And if you are the moderator reading this and don't agree, please feel free to go read past posts of mine that were rejected (for instance, debating the so called gender pay gap) and then ask yourself WHY were they rejected. Did I insult anyone or resort to personal insults? No, I debate ideas (well, I did call Kieren a 'twat' once, but I was truly joking and only because he called me a Troll first - apparently HE wasn't joking, and his post was deleted afterwards). Do I curse or use swear words? No. Were my arguments fully rational? Yes, they just aren't politically correct.

I reached out to one of El Reg's own and the reply I got was 'it's not WHAT you say, it's HOW you say it, because SJWs get triggered easily'. I wish I was kidding but this is EXACTLY what I was told. I thought we were all adults here, but apparently not.


Re: They ain't laughing WITH you, Idiot in chief ...

@Jake > What a fucking buffoon. I weep for my country.

You guys have been led by weak pathetic losers for so long that you can't even recognize a real leader when you see one anymore.

I used to think the same as most of you about Trump (I'm being very serious here) until I understood what is really at stake here: on one side you have the Left with SJWs, Political Correctness, progressive liberals, Antifa, BLM, Toxic Feminism, self-loathing, Marxist professors on Universities openly brainwashing the youth and calling everyone who doesn't follow their narrative a racist, nazi, bigot, etc..., on the other you have... TRUMP, who is the ONLY leader in the past 20 years with balls, not afraid to REALLY speak his mind and go against the constructed narrative.

Funnily enough, it is the Left that is propagating Russian/Marxist ideals (where the 'Poor vs. Rich' mantra has simply been changed into 'Oppressed vs. Oppressors') while at the same time accusing Trump, who is actually diametrically opposed to that ideology, of collusion with the Russians. Thing is, if I can see this, so can you - all you need to do is take your head out of the sand and stop getting blinded by your own media-induced loathing of the Donald.

Dear alt-right morons and other miscreants: Disrupt DEF CON, and the goons will 'ave you


Good! People should not be allowed to disrupt events, doesn't matter if alt-right, alt-left, alt-middle or alt-anywhere. A moron is a moron is a moron. Don't want to listen, don't go.

Universities should start hiring their own goons for when leftist groups like Antifa and SJWs do exactly the same thing to invited speakers. They too should be 'kicked into the fetid hell of the August sunshine with a boot mark on their backsides' to see if they learn some manners and stop being anti-social assh*les.

Microsoft will ‘lose developers for a generation’ if it stuffs up GitHub, says future CEO


we will lose the trust of developers for a generation

What trust? lol

Does anybody still trust Microsoft? I mean, users and developers alike?!

In defence of online ads: The 'net ain't free and you ain't paying


This generation has decided not to pay for anything

Yep, that's why it is called the 'entitled' generation. They think they are all 'special' (yeah, special snowflakes, unique just like all the other snowflakes lol) because their parents kept telling them so, and now they think the rest of the world owes them something.

As a software developer who makes Windows desktop applications and sells them to the general public, I know this only too well. Well, guess it could be worse, I could be a Linux developer. ;)

You know that silly fear about Alexa recording everything and leaking it online? It just happened


Re: And that....

@ Michael H.F. Wilkinson "I am very curious to see what would happen if you repeatedly played that song to Alexa"

Well, listening to the song, it would chart you a flight to the Vineyard, then another to Nantucket for that same night, would place an ad on the local newspaper to sell your home, and would then order some delicious bones from the local butcher for you to chew on. Bon apetit! :)

I don't get it. Even George Orwell, when he wrote 1984, would never have guessed that people would VOLUNTARILY put those spying cameras into their own homes. Oh what a world we live on! lol

Tech bribes: What's the WORST one you've ever been offered?


Well, not a bribe per se but some years ago I was hired by a foreign firm that was here specifically to organize a special annual sports event.

I was supposed to be a 'helper hand' at IT, but their IT manager had a family emergency the very next day and I had to take over his functions for the next four weeks, without anybody bothering to explain exactly what that implied. Found out the hard way *all* the logistics were on me. But I digress...

At the end of the event they were packing up to go home and had a bunch of 'broken' PCs they were about to throw away (it would have been more expensive to ship them back to France), so after confirming they were indeed broken I asked if I could keep some for myself, for parts. They agreed, so I randomly chose three of the PCs and happily took them home (along with a few cases of beer they gently offered for having been such a good sport).

It was only a couple of weeks later that I decided to check on those PCs... they all booted fine, every single one! Since they were all in working condition, I gave them all away to friends who actually needed them.

Spring is all about new beginnings, but it could already be lights out for Windows' Fluent Design


Re: Microsoft’s business models require stealing and reselling personal data

You're right, it's not relevant here other than it related to Windows 10 and Microsoft's current practices.

This said, as a developer and as a user, I now HATE Microsoft with all my heart because of all they have been doing lately to both groups. So, from this perspective, I won't downvote repetitive posts like that (didn't upvote it either, perhaps I should).

All I can say is that it is a shame there isn't really a viable alternative to Windows (Apple is even worse than Microsoft and Linux is still for techies): Microsoft would then be forced to suffer the price of abusing their monopolistic position and of their blatant disrespect and contempt for the needs and wants of developers and users alike.

As for the article itself, this is typical Microsoft going after whatever they think the latest fab is. It will be dropped as soon as the 'next big thing' comes up, and wow to anyone who still believes in Microsoft and adopts this, they will be left out to dry, as usual. Microsoft has no vision and no leadership, it floats with the tide.

At least before they still worried about backwards compatibility - one of the major reasons for Windows being as popular as it is, the other being that it was never the closed garden Microsoft is now trying so hard to turn it into. These days they just get rid of 'old technology' (by 'old' read 'no longer the current fab') as if they were throwing away an old filthy rag, and to hell whomever believed in them and is still using it to make a living.

Huawei wins patent injunction against Samsung in China


Wait... did I read this right? China taking another company to court over patent infringement?! LOL

Perhaps they should start by cleaning their own house instead.

Uber breaks self-driving car record: First robo-ride to kill a pedestrian


Re: Didn't see that coming

Very true. Still, no matter what you do you can never fully eliminate all accidents. I read somewhere she decided to cross the road suddenly at a non-crossing place, giving no time for both the human and robotic operators to react. Doesn't matter how fast your reaction time is or how good the electronic safeties are, you still can't beat the laws of physics: a 1.5 ton car moving at normal speeds cannot come to a full stop instantly.

Anyway, we don't know the details of what exactly happened yet.

US cops go all Minority Report: Google told to cough up info on anyone near a crime scene


Well, even more surveillance is not the answer. We are ALREADY living in a world that could turn into George Orwell's 1984 at the flip of a simple switch. And don't you think it would never happen, because it WILL.

CCTV cameras everywhere, our whole lives, thoughts and opinions can be tracked via social media, our movements and current location tracked by the GPS on our phones, our secret and most intimate web searches (porn, eheh) tracked by our OS and browsers, 24/7 listening devices in our own homes (Alexa, Echo, etc...) put there BY US, and we are already being brainwashed/limited in what to think and what to say by political correctness.

We have been slowly but steadily giving up all our freedoms and rights in exchange for a bit of (illusionary) security. And as B.Franklin wrote, "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

If you can't see the writing on the wall and the terrible potential risk we're already under, then you're blind as a bat. In truth, if it ever happens, we will fully deserve it for failing to react when we still could - even a stupid OS is pushing us to the limit and STILL we don't fight back!

Do you know what would have happened just a few years ago if people even suspected the OS *might* be phoning home? A full riot. These days, when we actually know *for sure* that the OS is actually spying on us?! Not so much as a whimper.

After repeated warnings Facebook bans Britain First for 'inciting hatred'


Re: This post is a collection of alt-right dog whistles.

@DrewC > Your call to exterminate minorities (but fudging this by conflating with rapists and paedophiles) is grotesque.

First, I used 'exterminated' enclosed in quotes deliberately - cast out from our society as the evil they are is the proper response - and, in fact, that is exactly what happens when we put them in jail. Second, I used rapists and pedophiles on purpose to illustrate that minorities should not be protected *just because* they are minorities. Is there anything wrong with this reasoning? By labeling my argument as grotesque you seem to be implying that rapists and pedophiles should have a rightful place in our society - which not only is wrong on ALL levels, as it would make YOU a monster.

Second, the reason you call Katie Hopkins and Laura Southern 'trolls' is because they use the media to speak out what they and many others think and would like to say but are now either too afraid or do not have the audience. From my point of view, this is no different from what other liberals in the media (like our own Kieren here in El Reg) also do, except that, to me, it's the liberal ideology that is truly dangerous. To me, you are the trolls - but at least I am willing to debate the issue, and not shut other people down by calling them every name under the sun while covering my ears and labeling every attempt to discuss the issue in a serious manner as 'hate speech'.

This has nothing to do with race, and all to do with group cultural behavior. I don't care if you are white, black, gray, gypsy, blue, yellow or red: provided you behave in a civilized manner, you're ok in my book. But if you come to my own home trying to impose your own culture and values on me, threaten me or my family, and/or generally act obnoxiously, then you can go suck an Elf. I will not accept you and your behavior just because you belong to a minority - nor should I EVER be forced to. In fact, I don't care if you belong to a minority or not, I only care about your behavior. This is not racism, it's simple common sense, which is what liberals seem to lack completely these days.

As for Brexit, you're also proving my point: liberals never believed that the vote for Brexit would ever win, which is why they allowed the voting to happen. Whether the vote to leave will be a good thing for the UK in the long run or not remains to be seen - and I am not British, but I am still divided on that one: on one side the EU seem to be becoming a tirany run by people who were never elected for the job, on the other I like the feeling of all of us identifying as European. Unity is strength. Either way, good luck, I truly wish you all the best.


Re: @JcRabbit

@ Someone Else > Racist much?

See? You're proving my point exactly! Thank you.


This is not about 'hate speech' at all, it's about liberals preventing what is actually the MAJORITY from expressing themselves, thus making it look like the liberal point of view is universally accepted.

Laura Southern was just banned from entering the UK. She was labeled as 'far-right' when, in truth, she is just a moderate Christian conservative, and a very compassionate person actually! The irony is that those who do commit REAL hate crimes by going to fight jihads in Middle Eastern countries and then coming back to the UK, who have deep religious views that go against every single Western value and would actually murder people just because they are, say, homosexuals, THOSE are protected and welcome with open arms into the UK (and Europe) because they are 'a minority'.

See, this is why the current liberal way of thinking is so wrong. Being a minority does not mean you're automatically right or that you deserve protection - there is a reason you are a minority, after all. And some minorities not only should not be protected, they should be 'exterminated' with deep prejudice (and before you get up in arms, pedophiles and rapists are also a minority, for instance).

The fact is that the MAJORITY is being forcefully silenced, and you can clearly see that with Brexit. Personally I believe one of the major reasons so many people voted against staying in the EU was because of the migrant crisis, and this was the only way left for them to express themselves without being automatically labeled as 'racists'.

Microsoft says 'majority' of Windows 10 use will be 'streamlined S mode'


Re: No thanks, I am staying with Windows 7

@Roland6 > Suggest you keep that Win7 programmer's workbench system safe, as I expect you will be returning to it when you discover just how much effort it is taking to keep your Win10 workbench stable.

Oh, I'm changing the hardware too, so the Windows 7 machine 'as is' will be sitting right next to the brand new Windows 10 machine.

You know, just in case. ;)


Re: No thanks, I am staying with Windows 7

I'm a developer who does launchers, utilities, shell enhancements, etc... parts of it needs to dig deep into the OS to accomplish what users want them to do, so they are not your run-of-the-mill vanilla applications. Because of this I have to keep up with OS changes under-the-hood, make sure all the latest updates don't break some key functionality of my applications.

For now my main development machine is still Windows 7, and I test the software on Windows 10 VMs and also a couple of physical Windows 10 PCs I have here. However, since I do eat my own dog food, this is very different from actually living on Windows 10 for 24/7 - only by immersing yourself in the latest Windows version do you really get a 'feel' for what needs improving.

So, I will be finally moving my main development machine to Windows 10 soon. But let me tell you this - and this is the whole point of my post - I have been running Windows since the 3.0 days (even paid for the Windows 95 beta, and boy, was it worth it, I loved it!), and in all these years this is the FIRST TIME that instead of being excited to install a new Windows version, I actually DREAD the day I have to do it.

The transition from XP to Vista was very difficult for most developers, I imagine, but even that was EXCITING! Vista was beautiful and a step in the right direction, it only got a lot of hate because it demanded a lot of the hardware at the time, the new security restrictions broke a lot of older applications, and developers simply weren't really ready for it. But once those wrinkles were eventually ironed out and Windows 7 came out - not much more than a refined and polished version of Vista IMO - users LOVED it. I would say that it was the most loved version of Windows ever, high up there with Windows 95.

It was so good visually that it essentially killed the Windows customization/skinning market (remember Stardock WindowBlinds?). And so what does Microsoft do? Keep going in the same direction since it proved so popular? Nope, they grow Apple envy and decide to turn Windows into a closed wall garden, which essentially they can only do by killing Win32 and replacing it with *something else* they can control 100% - conveniently forgetting that the only reason Windows was so much more popular than MacOSX was precisely because, unlike the latter, it always was an open environment with a huge priority on backwards compatibility.

And since Microsoft was never an innovator but instead a sucker for the latest fabs and technologies (abandoning them later just as fast), they then somehow convinced themselves that using RAD for an OS was a really good idea (WTF?!). And so they managed to alienate both Windows users *and* developers. Nice going MS.

10 PRINT "ZX81 at 37" 20 GOTO 10


Sinclair jump started programming in Europe

Oh man, the memories! :) I started with the ZX-81 but quickly moved on to the Spectrum:

LD HL,16384




LD BC, 6912




Anybody remembers what that does? Can be written in a simpler way, but, IIRC, that is still the most efficient way in terms of T-States alone. :)

So, a friend got me the 'Complete ZX Spectrum ROM Disassembly' by Dr.Ian Logan and Dr.Frank O.Hara. The bible of programming Assembly Z80 on the Spectrum! Based on it I ended up doing a copier called 'OmniCopy II' (there was never a version 1) and the thing kind of spread everywhere: the copier got copied eheh. Never put my name on it, so it was bittersweet reading about it in local newspapers and foreign computer magazines... :)

Reg man wraps head in 49-inch curved monitor


Re: Wanna go 4K?

@ Tom 38 > In the UK it costs £749, or around $1030. So no.

Wow. I'm in Portugal and just got mine a few weeks ago for less than 700 Euros. How much does a 32" 4K Acer Predator cost in the UK, for comparison? Here they are above 1,000 Euros, for instance, so quite a lot more expensive for a much smaller size.

@ Anonymous Coward > I really don't get, what seems to be, an increasing trend to go with tv size screens for monitors.

Simple: at anything much smaller than 43" on a 4K monitor, text size on the Windows desktop at 100% DPI is just too small to read. So people are forced to raise the Windows DPI to 150% or even 200% to be able to even read the text, thus turning what is a 4K monitor (3840x2160) into the equivalent of a 2560x1440 or 1920x1080 monitor. Pixel density is still there, so things will look a bit sharper, but screen resolution (i.e.; available screen real estate) will be halved. Might as well get a native 2560x1440 or 1920x1080 monitor in that case, no?

As I stated, I am a developer, so for me the biggest advantage of 4K resolutions is the added screen real estate. But more screen real estate means nothing if I can't actually READ the bloody text in whatever I am working on. ;)

Going from a 30" 2560x1600 to a 43" 3840x2160 was perfect for me: text retained the same relative size. In fact, I had been waiting a long time for 4K monitors to go above 32".

This said, there ARE drawbacks: you need a HUGE desk, which, luckily, I already had. Also, even with a huge desk a computer monitor will typically sit much closer to you than a TV, so yes, that will induce a bit of strain on your neck - you now have a huge area right in front of your nose to scan, so unlike smaller sized monitors you will actually need to look up and down. Think of it as going to the gym, though: eventually your neck muscles strengthen and you will get used to it. :)

I hope. lol :P


Re: Still only 1080 Vertical

@ inmypjs > I have been using 2 x 30" 2560 x 1600 for years.

I used 3 x 30" 2560x1600 for years too (two LG W3000H and one HP ZR30W), but just a few weeks ago I finally jumped to 4K with the 43" LG43UD79-B. I now have the 30" HP on the left, the 43" on the middle and one of the 30" LGs on the right.

If you're planning on going the same route AND you are still running on Windows 7 like I am, then be aware of the following limitation (I wasn't): the total width or height in pixels of all your monitors cannot exceed 8192 pixels. This is because the DWM in Windows 7 uses a DX10 texture to compose the Windows desktop, and a texture under DX10 cannot be larger than 8192 x 8192 pixels.

If the combined vertical or horizontal resolutions of your monitors exceed this limit, as mine did (2560 + 3840 + 2560 = 8960 horizontal pixels), Aero will stop working and Windows 7 will NOT tell you why it's not working anymore. You will be dumped into the Basic theme, all Aero related options will be gone, and there is no work around other than to reposition your monitors in relation to each other or reduce the screen resolution of one of them.

Took me a long time to figure out what was happening because very few people in the world use multiple monitors with extreme resolutions such as these, so unless you already know what you are looking for, 99.999% of all the solutions you will find in Google will be for completely unrelated issues.

Windows 8 and Windows 10 do not suffer from this problem because the size limit of a single texture was raised to 16384x16384 pixels under DX11. Just wait until 8K monitors become the norm lol


Wanna go 4K?

Wanna go 4K? Then do it properly: get a 43" LG43UD79-B or the equivalent of the same size. 3840x2160 of pure bliss, look it up!

A proper monitor - none of that using a TV as a computer monitor nonsense - this is the *perfect* size to use 4K at 100% scaling in Windows. The major advantage of a 4K monitor - at least for me as a developer - is screen real estate, so I never really understood those buying a sub-30" 4K monitor only to be forced to run it at 150% or 200% DPI on the Windows Desktop because otherwise the text is too small to read. Might as well buy a 1080p or 2560x1600 monitor in the first place and save a LOT of money.

Of course, going 43" means you need a REALLY BIG desk... and a very powerful GPU if you also play the occasional game (and no, despite all the noise, we are not quite there yet for native 4K, not even the mighty 1080ti is truly up to it - perhaps with the upcoming Volta/Ampere, if nVidia ever gets tired of making money with the crypto miners and finally decides to release it).

Oh, and you know how much that 43" 4K LG costs? Less than $700. Yep, you read that right.

He's cheesed it! French flick pirate on the lam to swerve €80m fine, two-year stretch in the clink


Re: This:

@ Anonymous Coward > But people looks to become worried only when *their* contents are stolen....

Eheh. You're getting a lot of down votes, but this is the absolute truth. Those people down voting you would be the first to throw a massive hissy fit if it was THEIR hard work getting stolen - they just don't know it yet, because nothing they ever did was fit for mass distribution, so it never got pirated.

All they do is rationalize stealing, pretending it's not stealing at all, that nothing physical is missing so nothing was stolen - forgetting that what is *really* behind every produced good, material or not, is ENERGY. The energy required to make a physical object is exactly the same type of energy required to make an immaterial work of art. You are not paying for the object itself, you are paying for the transformation/energy spent in turning something useless into something you find useful. Without that creative energy, there would be NOTHING to steal.

Also, it's easy to have a Robin Hood frame of mind with the work, lives and property of OTHERS - but when it comes to you... that's when the sh*t hits the fan, isn't it?: "what do you mean I'm getting paid only half my salary because a bunch of entitled strangers took the other half?! I worked hard for it! How do I pay my rent now?! How do I feed my family?!" (Yeah, you get the gist of it). :)

Vatican sets up dedicated exorcism training course


Re: Exorcism?

@Winkypop > Stop with the magic shit.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke

Time's up: Grace period for Germany's internet hate speech law ends

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To Puerto Ricans: A Register apology


Re: Every day

@ bombastic bob

Could not have said it better myself, well done. And the funny thing is, I actually have an open mind, always did. But it is also a *rational* and *critical* mind, who doesn't put up with this PC/shamming nonsense, and recognizes the danger and the true motivation behind all of this (as you explained so well, the real motivation is to control others).

Also funny how the snowflakes are now trying to turn that term around, a term that was specifically created/used to describe them and their posture in the world. Perhaps because calling normal people 'nazis' and 'racists' doesn't cut it anymore? lol Either way, they obviously don't even understand what it means - but you explained it to them rather well.

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Twitter's not dreaming of a white supremacist Xmas: Accounts nuked

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Re: Chad H.

@ Dan 55 "if the pendulum swings and we end up living in an alt-right society, we'll have bigger problems than Twitter."

Ditto if the pendulum doesn't swing and we end up living in an alt-left society. Both extremes have been responsible for the deaths of millions (over 80 million because of communism *in peace time* vs. 55 million during WWII because of nazism).

The old communist mantra of 'proletariat vs bourgeoisie' has now been replaced with 'victims vs. oppressor', but the ideology behind it - and the eventual results - are *exactly* the same. Do not let yourself be fooled.

The problem here is when you start labeling everything YOU don't agree with as 'hate speech', 'racism', 'sexism', etc..., even when it really isn't. Be careful thus that when shutting down opposite views you don't also end up shutting down common sense and the voices of reason.

Tired of despairing of Trump and Brexit? Why not despair about YouTube stars instead?


@ Timmy B "Irony is that this is what I think when I read most of what Kieran writes....."


As someone who posted above said, who is he going to go after next? Footballers? Actors? Anyone else HE thinks does not deserve the money they make (as a so called 'journalist' he would be much better suited for that kind of money, I'm sure). That is not how the world works - if they make that kind of money, kudos for them - it means other people find whatever they produce interesting, regardless of how shallow (or not) it may be. Also, if he thinks producing videos on a consistent base with interesting content is easy and not much work at all, let him take a shot. :)

This is NOT - nor is my reaction - about a clip making fun of Hitler and Nazi Germany, and Kieran knows that very well. That introduction was just a typical dirty PC tactic he used to try and shame the author of said clip and rally other people onto his side. No, it really is about envy. Specifically, Kieran's envy.

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Report: Women make up just 17% of IT workforce, paid 15% less than men

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Re: They ASSUME discrimination

@ Anonymous Coward > It is men like you who give the rest of us a bad name because you think that they are superior to women.

See, the problem with people like you is that you like to put words that were NEVER there in the first place. You're the type of person who labels everything you don't agree with as 'hate speech'.

All he said is that men and women are different. That is, at the very least, a biological FACT! If you try to dispute that you'll be the one being illiterate and spouting total sh*t. There are also some very valid and useful reasons WHY men and women are different - if there weren't, nature would have made us all hermaphrodites.

Because men and women are different, each group excels in different areas, has different likes, and different motivations - they complement each other! As with everything, there are overlaps and exceptions: just because your sister loves IT does not mean MOST women love IT. Because most don't. It's not that they can't be good at it, it's just that they prefer to do other things.

What are you going to do? FORCE them to go into IT so women fit neatly into what *your* idea of the world is or should be? Your reason for women preferring to work in health professions just proves how deluded and brain washed you are with your ideology. You sir, are the one giving men - and women!!!! - a bad name.

Instead of repeatedly trying to fit square pegs into round holes, which is nothing short of lunacy, just accept the differences - it's actually a GOOD thing.


These myths that try to induce you into thinking that women are *still* being discriminated in this day and age have been more than debunked already: if there are only 17% of women in IT is simply because they prefer doing other things. In very pro-women countries like Norway and Sweden were women are totally free and indeed encouraged to go for professions typically associated with men, they STILL prefer otherwise. Men and women are different, live with it.

As for the salary discrepancies, if women were indeed much cheaper labor than men, sane companies would *only* hire women: they would save A TON of money. No, people - men and women - get paid in proportion to their competence and time given to the job. So either women are just not as competent as men (they are!) or they are simply not willing to invest as much time as men usually do because they prioritize raising their families and taking care of their children (as it should be!).

Rob Scoble's lawyer told him to STFU about sex pest claims. He didn't


Re: Fantastic

Damn. What I just left in a comment, down to a 'T'! :)

Maybe, just maybe, it's because we DO have a point? And because Kieren also keeps writing the same biased articles over and over again?


Re: This article = manginism, at its best

Yep. Downvote all you want, but all this article does is imply that you do NOT have a right to defend yourself, and that you're a bigger asshole if you even try. The 'shame them into silence' tactic that is so popular these days.

Then I went to see who wrote the article and... guess what? It's 'Social Justice Warrrior' Kieren McCarthy *again*! This guy is totally biased! Same 'journalist' who tried to crucify James Damore (Google Engineer who got fired for writing that 'inconvenient' memo) here not that long ago. Kieren got a good beating in the El Reg comments that time, so not all hope is lost.

Forget One Windows, Microsoft says it's time to modernize your apps


Re: Modernise apps?

It's all BS anyway. What MS *really* wants is to create a different and incompatible version of Windows inside Win32, one based on a closed wall garden that allows them to finally kill Win32 and have absolute control over the platform.

This way you can only sell through the Windows Store and MS gets an automatic 30% cut over any application being sold, as well as a say on what they allow to be published and what not. At the same time they want to turn Windows from a stand-alone OS into a service, and profit from that too. All at the expense of everyone else.

Yeah, right. If Windows became popular in the first place is because it was an OPEN platform. Perhaps MS should be reminded of Steve Ballmer's on-stage shouts: "developers, developers, developers!"

Your top five dreadful people the Google manifesto has pulled out of the woodwork


Re: I vote to add the clearly bigoted Kieren McCarthy in San Francisco.

kierenmccarthy > Actually you can condemn people for holding objectionable, indefensible, hurtful and unpleasant beliefs. And you should.

And, of course, YOU get to decide what is indefensible, despite the greatest majority of comments here proving that not only is it defensible, as the ideas are grounded on reasoning and facts.

So what do you do? Instead of debating those arguments with your own opposite arguments so others can decide which are more valid, you resort to covering your ears with your hands while calling the author and everyone else defending him names - like a good 5 year old throwing a temper tantrum would do. Well done. Not.

By the way, nobody is disputing that those arguments may be unpleasant, hurtful and objectionable to you. The truth many times is. And if you don't think it is the truth, then *rationally* explain why the message is wrong - instead of attacking the messenger.

And no, despite your accusation, I am not a troll. Just look up my comments history.


Re: Memo is factually incorrect

DanielBarker -

> I'm sure Swedes do not choose their education and jobs in a social vacuum, any more than anyone else.

How is that even relevant? Women are *freely* making their own choices on a society that actually *encourages* them to choose careers typically associated with men. And still they don't.

Does it really matter if the reason why is biological or cultural?

> in World War 2 [...] digital computing began largely female

The war effort is what opened the gates for women to join the work force, because most men were busy fighting in that war (and dying). So women did the work, men did the dying. Fair enough?

> Neither the biology of men and women, nor even computing, have changed much during this short period.

I'm not sure how you can say that computing hasn't changed much since the 40's. Anyone who has been involved with computers, or knows the history of computers, knows that is absolutely not true - computing was, back then, VERY different than what it is today.

To start with, computers used whole rooms and in those days programs were entered using punched cards up until the mid-70's. Unlike today, there was a VERY clear distinction between analysts, programmers and computer operators. Analysts did the flowcharts, programmers converted them into sets of instructions, and operators punched in the cards via a keyboard. Operators were therefore not much more than 'glorified typists'', in an era were being a secretary (i.e.; typing letters) was considered a woman's job. These women were called the "keypunch girls".

Furthermore, computers weren't very powerful back then - a typical pocket calculator these days has exponentially more computing power than mainframe computers of the era. Programs then were thus necessarily very simple and short, because they wouldn't even fit in the extremely limited mainframe memory otherwise (we're talking 1 KB *total* RAM).

With the development of computers, the jobs of analysts, programmers and operators essentially merged. These days you do your own programs and also type them in via a keyboard. With more powerful computers, programs became ever more complex, requiring extensive use of logic and math skills.

There was a time in the late 70's were many women flocked to computer sciences, and in 1984 the women earning computer science degrees reached it's peak: 37%. In the next two decades, women left computer science in droves, their numbers dropping to 20% by 2006. This shows that women with aptitude for computer sciences are out there, they're just not choosing computer science.

It's not that they are not capable, it's just that they prefer doing other stuff. Pretty much the same way most men are also perfectly capable of doing jobs typically dominated by women but simply prefer to do other things (are we going to blame women for this choice, the same way feminists blame men when the shoe is on the other foot?).

Capabilities aside, the fact is that women and men have different preferences, and this is in no way a bad thing. This simply means that men and women *complement* each other.


Re: Diversity for Diversity's sake?

> It is absolutely ridiculous to say that "women" "prefer social jobs"

Why is it ridiculous if it is true? Read my comment above about Sweden. What is ridiculous is trying to fit men and women into the same box by force, like you and many others are trying to do. I'm all for equal rights, but at the same time you have to admit that women and men ARE different. And for very good reasons.

> 2. I don't agree that Google should have fired him. They should have seen it as an opportunity to learn and to teach on a topic that is clearly very difficult to handle and talk about. Google screwed up by not taking that opportunity.

See, here I agree with you. But when you start an argument by calling people you do not agree with as 'dreadful people'... hmmm. :-P


Re: I almost feel like crying

> I think this is the link you are looking for: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_lioning

Lol. Of course you would think that. But no, I was actually expecting a reasonable debate on the actual issues. At least on a couple of points you think are 'more offensive' or 'more garbage'. Instead you just assume I'm trolling - easier and much less effort on your part, of course.


Re: Memo is factually incorrect

Sweden is one of the countries where the laws most favor women. Women there have NO ISSUE choosing their professions, and are, in fact, encouraged to do so.

Despite this, the numbers do not reflect what feminists would like to see. When women are allowed to FREELY choose what they want to do, MOST of them choose jobs that are typically associated with the female gender. Not because the males drive them to it, but because THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT.

Why is it so hard to admit such a thing? Numbers do not lie:

The five most common occupations among women in Sweden:

Assistant nurses and hospital ward assistants

Home-based personal care and related workers

Child-care workers

Pre-primary education teaching associate professionals

Other office clerks

There is a TREMENDOUS gender imbalance - in favor of women - in the above professions (e.g.; 148, 600 women vs. 11,700 men for Assistant nurses and hospital ward assistants). What are you going to do about this? FORCE men to fill the gaps? No? Of course not. It is what it is. Different genders have different preferences.

Likewise here are the five most common occupations among men in Sweden:

Technical and commercial sales representatives

Heavy truck and lorry drivers

Computer systems designers, analysts and programmers

Stock clerks and storekeepers

Machine-tool operators

There are 54,100 men vs. 1,800 women for Heavy truck and lorry drivers. What are you going to do? Force women to become lorry drivers because you dream of gender equality in every field?! Of course not, that would be insane!

Bottom line is, people like the author of this article are trying to force ideology over reality. Does that remind you of something? Communism, maybe? And we all know how that turns out.

P.S. For Computer Systems, it's 51,800 men vs. 14,100 women - and since we are talking about Sweden, it's because women OBVIOUSLY prefer doing other things. Doh.


Re: I almost feel like crying

> Lucas, the memo is garbage.

Yeah, that is what you keep saying. That and that you were offended by it (facts do not care about your feelings, by the way).

What I would like you to see you doing, however, is explaining WHY the arguments he raised are garbage. Debate them, one by one, if they truly are garbage you will have no problems debunking them.

Saying something is 'garbage' does not automatically make it so.

> And the article was about the dreadful people that felt the need to defend it, and to attack people that were offended by it. Even though it is garbage.

Wait, you had no problems *personally* attacking the author of the memo and those who defended it on a public article, but those who disagree with you are automatically 'dreadful people' to you? And you're the one accusing the author of the memo of black & white thinking?


Re: Has the author read the memo?

> Annonymous because it is clea rthat thsi debate is not about evidence or facts but about supressing debate and mocking those that hold views based on evidence instead of ideology.


Now Kieren, since you are obviously reading this: he is not accusing you of click bait, but of writing an *opinion* article in which - unlike the guy who wrote the original memo - your opinion is NOT based on ANY facts whatsoever - in fact it doesn't even TRY debating or counter-arguing the arguments raised in the memo - but on personally attacking the author of the memo because he *dared* to put in writing what many reasonable people think. I accuse you of the same too, and I'm not hiding behind an anonymous account.

What do you have you to say for that? Want to actually debate the issue instead of calling people names?

You might actually start seeing things differently if you apply reasoning instead of emotion to these issues.


So, this guy wrote a memo where he argues that people should be hired on MERIT instead of race, sex and religion (i.e.; to fill quotas, and THAT, btw, is true discrimination) and he gets fired for it - and someone at El Reg even writes an article claiming how wrong the guy is without actually counter-arguing or debating a SINGLE of his arguments with facts.

"He does a spectacularly bad job of it. Mostly because he is wrong and acting out of bitterness and ignorance – never a great start point." - The author of this article blatantly states that the guy who wrote the memo is wrong - but then fails to explain WHY he is wrong with facts. Basically 'He is wrong because I think he is' - a laughable argument at the very best, if this kind of thinking wasn't so dangerous for being accepted 'as is'. Furthermore, she then proceeds to make denigrating assumptions about the guy who wrote the memo, that he is bitter and ignorant. Based on what? On the guy having a different opinion which he actually backed up with facts and charts and links to the sources? lol

'He's a bad person because I think he is, a privileged white male does not deserve to have an opinion, even if based on facts, because he is part of the so called problem' lol How crazy is this kind of thinking?!

Guys, political correctness is driving the world to the ground. FACTS do not care about your feelings.

For instance, do you know that the average IQ of Black Americans is 85? Am I being racist for stating a FACT?! Am I being racist stating a FACT because I'm a white male? Am I not entitled to state something that is TRUE simply because I am a white male and therefore had a 'privileged' life or come from a 'privileged' group?! Who the hell decided I'm 'privileged' anyway?! Do you know anything about me, my life or the effort I put into getting to where I am now?

Do you know that men and women are biologically different and this includes their brains (well, at least the first part should be common knowledge lol)?! Do you know that this naturally means women excel at - and prefer - certain jobs and men others? Do you know that there are very few women at high risk professions because only men are insane enough to actually do those jobs? Do you know that men and women get paid the same until women get to around 30? And do you know why there is a gap after that age? Not because of sex discrimination, but because of behavior: women *opt* to have babies and raise their families, while men are insane enough to sacrifice family time in order to make more money for their loved ones. That is the TRUE reason.

When we stop denying reality and biology in favor of socially constructed concepts, we are in big trouble as a society.


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