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Linux security backfires: Flaw lets hackers inject malware into downloads, disrupt Tor users, etc

ivan itchybutt

small hurdle?

"...after inferring the source and destination ports in a connection"

doesn't seem like a trivial task if you're not man in the middle.

Fukushima reactor shell ruptured?

ivan itchybutt


something tells me that the Japanese PM didn't really say "What the hell is going on?" probably more like "地獄が起こっているのは何ですか?" (thank-you google translate)

Santander mixes up 35,000 bank statements

ivan itchybutt

Where's the hilarious headline?

A bank called 'Santander' f's up a few days before Christmas, and that's all you can come up with???

Air steward resigns via emergency chute

ivan itchybutt

finished his day with rumpy pumpy...

according to my local news:

"Officers eventually caught up with Slater at home – but he wasn’t waiting quietly.

Slater was allegedly having sex when he was arrested."

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