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Smart TVs riddled with DUMB security holes


main issue with smart TVs

main problem with smart tvs is are they going to get longterm software support unlike smart phones which get changed every 12-24 months under contract people tend to keep their tv's for >5years

if the manufactures keep bringing out new models are they really going to keep supporting a model from 5 years ago.

if you want a smarttv buy a dumb tv and connect a pc or one of those android hdmi thumb devices probably be cheaper in the long run


Biodegradable products are often worse for the planet


RE: Not the whole story, natch

- The decaying corpse of animals that have choked/otherwise died on non-biodegradable materials is going to release a lot more methane, a lot more quickly, because corpses degrade quickly

generally a decaying corpse exposed to the air would release CO2 (and some other gasses such as H2S) not methane

the production of methane requires an anoxic environment such as being buried in a landfill (Though it does take queit a while for a landfill to become anoxic which doesn't appear to have been taken into account in this study). a body buried potentially quiet deep in a landfill will take rather longer to degrade as the predation and insect effects will not spread and expose more of the corpse.


Boffins mount campaign against France's official kilogramme



that is the stupidy of the manufacturer for not adding 2ml and labeling it as .5L or 1/2L not the fault of the metric system


Skype and Google next against the wall in India



if people really want to hide their communications there are plenty of alternatives.

i.e. a vpn to a friend /relative in another country then run skype/google talk and email through that.

what is the indian government going to do put a complete block on all secure communiaction unless it has 'backdoor' access. I can't really see how it is going to do this.

If people really have something to hide im sure they will use more that just an encruypted voip service.


iPhone users get more sex than Android fans

Thumb Down

im sure the title is wrong

those figures say number of partners not amount of sex

to me it says that andriod users are better at keeping partners so potentially get more nad are better at it as they can keep them satisifed

or that iphone users are drunken fools that fall into bed with anyone


Ton-up speed merchant blames dyslexia


RE: admission

colour blind people cann't see red and green does this mean they cann't drive

if you know where on the dial the speeds are you don't need to be able to read them to know your speed.

the eye test with driving is to test your ability to see obsticals and hazards and has nothing to do with your ability to read.


RE: dyscalcula

dyscalcula effects numbers specifically i.e. you can have dyscalcula without being dyslexic

dyslexia effects all text including numbers.



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