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Child abuse suspect won't be forced to decrypt hard drive


Double standards

Just had a little revelation; when I first heard of the case, my opinion was completely "She should not be forced to decrypt it, privacy issues and so on", and just now I realised it involved possible child abuse and the idea did a complete 180 in my head. I hope I'm not becoming a Daily Fail reader... (Think of the children! :P)

UK, US ink boffinry pact on laser fusion 'star power'


Gotta smile at the name 'Rutherford Appleton', it's just so... twee :P

Yanks officially recognise the word 'boffin'


Missing vocab

I'm 18, and personally never heard 'chunter' or 'pukka', but 'gormless' is certainly one of my favourite words :)


The point

I prefer burnt toast over, well, bread.

ICT classes in school should be binned – IT biz body


It still is

I finished my GCSE in ICT only the year before last, and it still consists of exactly that. How to use Microsoft Office (with not even the slightest mention of any other office suite options).

Halo: Reach leaked to net 3 weeks before release

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Memory shortage could spike PC prices


Time to upgrade

Well, looks the time to upgrade and get the DDR3 I need.

Seagate's flash cache drive rocket


20 seconds?

20 seconds to open PowerPoint? I open it faster than that on my Atom netbook...

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