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US and UK Amazon workers get a wage hike – maybe they'll go to the movies, by themselves


Re: I Say!

hmmm - do the downvoters not know that London is IN the UK, or am I somehow missing the upset and controversy my fact-based post has caused?


I Say!

London AND the UK, how happy London wlil be to have been included twice.

Python joins movement to dump 'offensive' master, slave terms


Re: Try reading if you soon fond of the English language


Don't let Google dox me on Lumen Database, nameless man begs


Re: Deed poll to the rescue

There's really no such thing as changing your name by deed poll - you simply take on a new name any time you like. The process of using a solicitor for this is simply to provide a verifiable record of when you did this, but it's absolutely not necessary, I can change my name to Schnicklegruber right now if i so desire as long as that's the only name I use until I decide to change it again.

NHS given a lashing for lack of action plan one year since WannaCry


Re: Valuable comments

"The root problem remains. How much do YOU want to pay for the health of other people?"

I'm not sure that this is at all a valid statement. If you look at most people in the UK, they are not actually contributing to their (or anyone else's) care at all. By the time you have compared the tax payed by the vast majority against the cost of education(of their breed also), policing, roads and all public services, most people are getting the NHS for 'free'. this is one of the real benefits of our socially responsible society. What the NHS really needs is a shed-load more money from the public purse, end of story.

Munich council finds €49.3m for Windows 10 embrace


Penguinistas fail to accept the facts shocker!

The FACT is that Windows is the OS of choice for the vast majority of businesses - telling me that I'm a Microsoft shill or stuck in the past doesn't change this. The programme failed, if Linux was so suitable and the OS makes no difference when used in local government and education, why was this?


Re: The problem was the motivation

"Patentably false: If you can use Linux you can use Windows. Or the other way round. And saying that MS monopoly is "normal word" reeks to paid opinion to me"

I use Linux on a permanent basis at work, I much prefer it, but to say that the MS monopoly is NOT the 'normal world' reeks of wilful ignorance to me - wake up! The world currently uses Microsoft, and any change to that must come via changes in business before education. Anything else would be to fail the mainstream kids' future. Note the use of the word 'mainstream'!


I can't remember which distro, but it was modified heavily specifically for them. The simple fact of the matter is that it doesn't matter, how many mainstream businesses are using Linux as their desktop of choice? I can see the job interviews now:

Interviewer: "so how much experience with Windows and Microsoft Office?"

Candidate: "Erm, none at all, actually, but ..."

Interviewer: "Well we've still got a few more candidates to see, so we'll get back to you"

Like it or not, Microsoft are the choice for almost all businesses, and failing to provide a grounding in their OS and products for students, is to fail the students themselves.


The problem was the motivation

The main reason for this failure is that the attempted switch was entirely for ideological reasons - they didn't explicitly want Linux, but rather 'not Microsoft'. There was no evaluation of what Linux (or more importantly the software 'ecosystem') could or could not do for them, just a desire to spank Microsoft. I worked for a software/hardware company that won a tender to supply educational whiteboarding capabilty to Munich, which simply HAD to support their distro. We implemented many changes to accomodate them in order to win the contract, but in the end they simply used Windows, as the OS was too difficult for the staff and students to operate and configure. This was undoubtedly the most sensible outcome, as the forcing of Linux on students for their entire education would only have crippled their prospects in the 'normal' world. In summary, Munich bit off their nose to spite their face.

CIA says it 'accidentally' nuked torture report hard drive


NomNomNom - well you are a fuckwitted criminal wanker then! The law is there precisely to protect against pricks like you....

McIntyre: Climate policy crippled by pointless feel-good gestures


Geographical stupidity - tssk!

"The entire rationale of policy in US and Europe has been to ignore what's happening in China and India and hope that petty acts of virtuous behaviour in both countries will cure the problem,"

Any man who thinks that Europe is a country is hard to listen to on anything else!!

Ten... crowd-funded games from veteran devs


6-8 weeks??

Think you need to look at the planned development time again - don't care how good these guys are, a 6-8 week dev time is a little ambitious!

Police charge Scottish teen over Soca attack


LulzBoiz are out again!

Once again we have the LulzBoiz talking about how criminal offences are just a bit of fun. Grow up you idiots, these little shits are intentionally damaging businesses and government organisations, all because they watched a little too much 'spy kids' and thought it was fine for them to just 'have some lulz'. They are cocky little criminals who need severe exemplary punishment. If you are impressed by them, LulzBoiz, you should maybe take a look at yourselves!

LulzSec hacker Sabu: Murdoch emails 'sometime soon'



So a group of script kiddies are more suited to meting out justice that the organised police and judicial systems are they? What sort of stupidity is this? So the police didn't prosecute anyone from NI previously? Look into this as well, rather than allow a bunch of prats to ride roughshod over the legal system. This is NOT a game, LulzBoi!


WTF is up with you people?!??!

I simply can't believe the fawning knobheads in these comments who think that lulzSec(WTF??) are anything other than petty little criminals who need catching and full prosecution. They have committed criminal acts! Do you understand the importance of ensuring that we don't condone these acts? What if they had broken into your home, would that be fine as long as they are doing it for the lulz? These little pricks remind me of blackbirds annoying a cat, and all you pussies sit by and approve! Grow the fuck up, LulzBois!

Julian Assange™ applies to trademark himself


What a cock!

The man is obviously a little ill - won't somebody please call his mother!?!?

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