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Vodafone upsets customers with upgrade downgrade


Better than that...

So you've been charged for your data even though you are on a 'bundle' with X amount of usage?

I find it a bit odd that you've been told that you are being charged because you're connecting via Vodafone Live. The Live page is just that, a page, the only thing i can think that it may be is the APN.

Most Androids on VF (havnt checked any other operators branded Android devices) only have the WAP (wap.vodafone.net) APN instead of the Internet APN.

So add a new APN, only details you need are a name for it (not case sensitive), APN needs to be internet (case sensitive) and the username and password should be web (case sensitive). Everything else left blank. It wont make a difference in terms of speed of access but may well have an effect on your charges.


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