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Greek police cuff Anonymous spokesman suspect

Tiddles the cat


Presumably they would just seize his computer and find the source he used to generate the pdf. Or they could scrape the blocks of the document off the raw drive if he was smart to delete it etc.

Osborne plucks strange fruit from the loon tree

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Just allow corporate sponsorship.

Drunken employee pops cap in server

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Indeed it is

As a Brit myself, when I think of specific folk of my acquaintance who might enjoy such bracing exercise, I am somewhat glad that policies (effective or otherwise) restricting their access to guns exist.

Illumos sporks OpenSolaris

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"Especially when you consider none of the features you mentioned are truly unique, not even DTrace, which is a very late response to hp's Glance toolset"

The last clause is truly surreal.

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