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Open source HPC file system gets startup


Panasas File System


Good article on parallel file systems but I have to note an exception to one of the statements in your article:

“About half of the computers in the Top 500 rankings use Lustre, and the only practical alternative for big parallel clusters is IBM's Global Parallel File System, which is proprietary and not particularly cheap.”

Panasas is a highly successful alternative to Lustre with over 250 HPC parallel cluster implementations including at Los Alamos National Laboratories where Panasas is part of the Roadrunner system (#3 on the Top 500 list) as well as their new CIELO supercomputer system. I am admittedly biased towards Panasas (full disclosure – I am the new Chief Marketing Officer for the company), but with the recent concerns about Lustre’s future as a true open source system given Oracle’s statements of direction, Panasas offers a very attractive alternative in terms of performance, price and manageability.

I look forward to future dialog

Barbara Murphy



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