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97% of Three's network traffic is data

Simon Parry

So voice is growing too?

Two years ago, Three were talking about the fact that data was 94% of their network (http://www.cambridgewireless.co.uk/docs/Hutchison%20Group%20UK%20-%20Ed%20Candy.pdf). Now, after a 427% rise in total traffic, data is 97% of the network.

So not-data has doubled in that time period, which is pretty impressive in it's own right.

Verizon boosts 'selected' US backbones to 100G

Simon Parry

10x on Fibre

Yes you can.

The Ciena 100G uses QPSK encoding, with Dual Polarization launch, and a CoFDM technique to pack 100Gb/s of data into the same channel spacing as a conventional 10Gb/s system uses. So yes, you can support 160 DWDM channels of 100G if you like. It is also more robust to PMD than a 10G system, so you can run the 100G system on worse fibre than a 10G system.

Isn't digital signal processing cool.


Microsoft spends $7.5m on IP addresses

Simon Parry


Nortel/BNR was allocated the 47.x.x.x Class A address space back in the early days. For the last couple of years they have been looking for how to monetize the asset (long before the bankrupcy), but it only now that v4 addresses are valuble enough for someone to go to the bother of buying them.

The DCB world is not enough

Simon Parry

A wider view

Hi Chris,

It is not true to say that TRILL is the only STP replacement out there. You also need to look at SPB (IEEE 802.1aq) which is already shipping on Extreme and Avaya switches. Although TRILL and SPB are similar in a number of respects, the important difference is that SPB uses vanilla Ethernet frames, whereas the TRILL frames are not Ethernet.

It is nice to see that Cisco is pushing the vPC/VSS messgae, after a decade of trashing the idea when Nortel/Bay proposed it.

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