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BBC iPlayer downloads BORKED by Adobe Air update

Online Mark

Pre-release testing?

It's not just Air that Adobe seem to think doesn't need any pre-release testing. From https://bugbase.adobe.com/index.cfm?event=bug&id=3321659

"IE9 cannot display Flash-enabled web sites (EG adobe.com, yahoo.com) under NON-Administrator user profiles, after 11.4.402.265 update."


Testing / Quality control!

Perhaps Adobe should familiarise themselves with at least one of these new radical software development processes.



Who said anything about green?

Online Mark



When I speak to VDI suppliers they tell me how much easier it would be to manage my PC estate if I used their product but they base this "fact" on the assumption that we don't already manage fat clients with imaging, ZENworks, AD etc. They assume that each PC we support has its OS and apps hand built each time.

There is a place for thin client but at the moment it is only an additional tool to deliver another type of desktop and not a full replacement.


Microsoft rushes out emergency fix for critical Windows bug

Online Mark

Admin equivalent rights

Where is this malware installed?

Presumably a PC would not be infected if users were not given administrator equivalent rights to the local system for day to day use?



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