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GlobalSign says 'isolated' webserver was hacked

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As someone who sells GlobalSign certificates, I'm really disappointed in them.

Yes, they started off by doing the right thing, but their communication has been non existent this week. First we were told systems back online on Monday, then Tuesday. So far, now being Wednesday, the system is still down and no official ETA has been given. In fact, they haven't even acknowledged that they missed their announced time yesterday.

I'll probably ditch them based purely on the communication breakdown.


BlueArc gets extra greenbacks



I've just bought an 18 month old titan for 25% of the original purchase price. Fantastic company to deal with to take up refurbs and for general advice. Top notch storage as well, but it is expensive to buy new. For me it doesn't make financial sense to buy it new, as it is already overkill for what I need, but I bought it more out of curiousity than anything else.

I think BlueArc will do much better when they bring out a more entry level system for real world use. In the mean time, eyes on Dell. They are doing some fairly agressive pricing right now.



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