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Apple in XS new sensation: Latest iPhone carries XS-sive price tag


Head phone socket

My iPhone 6s is going to need a new battery again soon. Until this phone. Upgraded each time the S version came out but loss of socket means no upgrade path.

Apple leaks rekindle some hope for iPhone 'supercycle' this year


My 6s will keep being my phone

Until either

1 lighting headphones drop to £20 mark


2 headphone socket comes back


3 it dies completely

I tried android and found it difficult - 7 years of iPhone and iPad use is probably to blame

Huawei P20: Snappish snaps, but for £200 less than Pro, it’s Notch bad


What phone to get

My iPhone 6s battery now lasts half a day. The phone is over two years old but I can’t find a replacement. I just want a decent smart phone that I can run Skype, boxer, Facebook, eBay, no games reasonable camera but must have headphone socket.

Guess I am going to end up with an Android but my one android phone I have had was far too frustrating.

Supercycle to su-'meh'-cycle: Apple iPhone warehouses heave with unsold Notches


Re: iPhone 6 user here

I have 6S and keep thinking about an upgrade but headphone socket is a key feature I won’t do without unless lightning headphones drop to £20 or less without mic

London's Met Police has missed the Windows XP escape deadline


Dodged the bullet

I was interviewed some time ago by Microsoft to head the program to rollout the new Windows environment for the Met.

I didn't get the job - don't think I was going to take it anyway but think I dodged a bullet

Got a Fitbit? Thought you were achieving your goals? Better read this


That's not actually true

Some people can have a lower natural HR not caused by a medical condition. The resting HR has a normal distribution with a mean of around 60 for a normal person. So some people can have resting HR of 50 or even lower without either being extremely fit or a medical condition.

I have a resting HR of 48. I do run recreationally - park run 27 min - 20k total a week 90ish KG

I do own a Fitbit with HR and resting it is quite accurate exercising less so but I do find its stairs count to be particularly problematic. Often when I run on the flat down by the canal it logs 30odd flights of stairs.

Finally when I do run I can sustain a Fitbit HR above 160 for an hour on a 10k. Again had this checked out and yes my HR really does do that again not normal

Windows 7 MARKED for DEATH by Microsoft as of NOW


Re: shell choices

on one rollout I managed we had 16 users in Germany complain that the start button was the wrong shape after moving from XP to 7

I've got 99 problems, but a Facebook boycott ain't one


I had an account and ignored it for about four years. Then I found some groups that I was interested and ended up spending hours on the bloody thing. Has a holiday this summer with no tech and have now got rid of the iphone and facebook. Much happier

Ancient telly, check. Sonos sound system, check. OMG WOAH


I have to admit I thought it was over priced and still do but I have spent the money and love my Sono's kit.

The flexibility and functionality are great. It finally managed to convince my wife to put the CD's in the attic. I put my 3 in the kitchen for a family get together then wasn't allowed to take it back to my office :) Had to buy another one

Dell thuds down low-cost lap workstation for cheap frugal creatives or engineers


Re: What's the point?

Sorry, this product "Q656961" is no longer available.

HP 255 AMD Quad-Core A4-5000 / 15.6 IN / 4GB / 500GB / DVDRW / Windows 8 / Laptop / Notebook PC

HP 255 AMD Quad-Core A4-5000 / 15.6 IN / 4GB / 500GB / DVDRW / Windows 8 / Laptop / Notebook PC

Product Category: Laptops

Misco No.: Q656961

Manufacturer/No: HP / F0X90EA#ABU

iPhone 5 a no-show at Apple's 'Let's talk iPhone' event


I see no point upgrading from my iphone 3gs. In fact I would move to another manufacture if my car didn't only have iphone connectivity. I will have to wait for my next car upgrade. I just don't like the iphone 4 shape

Amazon takes Kindle to the UK


Where has the Asus PR-900 got too

The ebook reader I am waiting for is the Asus PR-900 but it still doesn't seem to have a release date. If the DX was avliable now in the UK I might just cut my losses and buy one.

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