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Proprietary software puts pacemaker users at risk


educational info here..


just so folks know (because I dunno at this point in this thread if folks are serious or not), but currently my pacemaker is happily working away inside my chest with no wires breaking through the skin.

i go to the doctors office where at a high level description, a person places what looks like a giant mouse over the pacer site, and queries the device through the skin - no penetration - no contraceptives required...

this is not without consequences in and of itself - i had a tech stop my heart and laid me over...last thing i remember is him trying to keep me in an upward seated position, then apologizing for hitting the "let's screw with the patient option and stop his heart for fun" test.

why on ([insert favorite god here]'s green earth would i want the option of not only a trained tech having access to this option, but some nob who just downloaded [insert favorite script kiddy website name here] "let's nuke people with pacemaker's' script?

this is bunk. i want the unit set to off as in hardware disabled and only allowed to be enabled from a pacemaker unit. i don't want some frigtard running [insert favorite 'nix shell here] iwconfig ethWPC (WPC = wirelesspacer - clever, eh?) up...nad hijacking me with their bluetooth enabled iphone 4 w/ Apple supplied condom and homemade yagi antenna...

now i need a couple of these...http://www.theregister.co.uk/Design/graphics/icons/comment/pint_32.png


Surely you can't be serious...

Or should I call you "Shirley"?



um..i don't even know where to start on this one. i have a pacemaker. that i am dependent on. when it "pooh's it's knickers" - and i don't have a backup generator lying around - i am screwed. second. i am in the security field. I have less than three months before i need a replacement. i have many questions.

mostly - why is the decision to enable wireless communications made by the physician? i think i should get the right to choose that one. i don't use the phone communications for the same concerns. i drive myself to the doctors office old school. and when i get there - if he's pointing a wireless wand at me - i am going to be a wee bit torqued.

i am the one that has the pacemaker. i am the one that has to worry at night what is going to happen to me. i should be the on to decide. and i know i am going to go in there and argue with someone who thinks they are superior - and wireless is good. boogers.

time to dust off my yagi antenna and get crackin'...



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