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Murdoch machinations mean Microsoft must rename SkyDrive

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NSA Offsite Backup

I'm sure Microsoft touting it's NOB won't cause them any problems... and really no chance of it flopping, surely?

iPhones now 'safe' for Restricted UK.gov info, but not Secret

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Re: Silent Circle

Silent Circle talks a good game, but there is absolutely no in-depth, independent information about what they're doing, who they're doing it for, or how they're doing it.

"Blind trust" is a thing of the past. If you don't have total control over it, or if the encryption method isn't Open Source, it is not secure. Period.

'People will give you their data if you don't do nobbish things with it!'

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At all comes down to...

...Wil Wheaton's Prime Directive: "Don't be a dick".

NHS digital pens: The 'Total Solution'

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You can say one thing for the NHS...

they'll seemingly do anything to keep pushing paper! There are already transcription services and tablets and all manner of OCR scanning technologies available, invested in, and in use in the NHS. Do we really need another?

I give it six months after implementation before someone loses a (no doubt unencrypted) pen with patient notes still stored on it.

ANONYMOUS: Behind the mask, inside the Hivemind

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Couldn't agree more!

I support a couple of people who do exactly that ;)


Delete all you like, but it won't free up space

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RE: You've been (de)duped ...

In the morning everyone! ;)

NHS spunks £7.5k on porn room

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And now for a "well actually"...

NHS organisations receive their internet connection through a private national network called 'N3'. This is filtered and monitored at both a national and local level, and runs over dedicated lines into the buildings.

In order to provide internet access to the websites needed for such a venture would require installing a seperate, local connection with the associated costs of running cables from the local exchange into the building, through 'clean' parts of the hospital to the required area.

The cost of doing this would be far more than £7,500.

As to why they need an expensive 'wank suite' compared to a pile of suspiciously crispy jazz mags? I can only assume cleanliness, and wanting to attract more doners are the reasoning.

Specs, for the geek response ;)

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