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Now Windows 8 goes into the ring to face Apple's iOS


The main problem is the MS image for consumers. It isn't working well for them for Win Phone 7, even though I read good things about it, I haven't seen a single phone in public in a year's time. I think that now MS phone products have the image of my "bosses" phone. Like blackberry. No one want's to use their work phone at home and it will likely be the same with tablets. It might do well in the enterprise, but that hasn't worked so well for the playbook. It's the consumer market that will need to drive a successful tablet.


iPad pitches Apple onto world PC top table



You claim that the TM2 is better for gaming. The iPad has 200 free, modern games designed just for it in HD mode. Not to mention the thousands that are iPhone games that can be played as well. You don't have to spend $20-30 for a controller, because the iPad is the controller, with an accelerometer.

The iPad can easily import photos using the camera connection kit. It costs $29, about the same amount as your game controller you need to purchase for your computer. Oh, and with the iPad, you won't need to go back to your hotel on a 4 hour outdoor shoot because the battery is still good for another 6 hours.

Movies, Really? The iPad can download movies and TV shows from iTunes and Netflix. Even with 3g service. Oh and when you turn the screen on the iPad to watch a movie, it rotates automatically, does your HP do that? Or do you have to push a button to do that.

Now, the iPad has a 1gz processor and starts at $500. The HP? 1.2Gz and starts at $829. You have instant access to your information on the ipad, no need to wait for the operating system to load and then another 5 -15 seconds for the "touch interface" to load on the HP, as mentioned in the engadget review.

Yes, the iPad is a great, great consumption device. Just ask the 3.2 million folks that already own one.



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