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DfT 'unwittingly' bigged-up speed camera benefits

Peter Young

Get a life

Of course the drivers who speed are never the ones who overtake on blind bends, park on pelican crossings, use their phones to send text messages etc. Maybe we can all choose a law we are not going to observe so if all the frustrated speeders could just post their address and when they will be out I can nip round and nick their tv and valuables as I've gone for housebreaking.

Cutbacks strip speed cameras from Blighty's roads

Peter Young

licence to speed

It's going to be a bit hard on the poor so and sos who get mown down by all the idiots who think that they now have free licence to drive as fast as they like. It's quite simple, the law states what the speed limit is and drivers must obey it. All the rubbish about having to watch your speedo all the time and being a much better driver than the rest of us is just a load of b****. You can't pick and choose which laws you will obey and which you will ignore. If you can't manage to drive within the limit then get off the road and then the rest of us can be a lot safer.

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