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Unpicking the Pixel puzzle: Why Google is struggling to impress


Re: What's the point...

They should have stuck to Nexus pricing and moved the brand forward with quality first, then switched to Pixel and a higher price point.

iPhone 8 now outsells X, and every other phone


Re: The 8 does prove a point

I'm also a fan of the compact Sony's but I deteste the abysmal finger print scanner on the XZ1 compact.

Apple: Our stores are your 'town square' and a $1,000 iPhone is your 'future'


Re: Low-end

I just ordered an Xperia XZ1 compact for similar reasons, the battery charging tech interests me, will be great if it can extend the life on the battery as it's supposed to.

Sony remembers it once made a great little phone


Do they still bundle a load of Sony bloat that can't be disabled?

I went nexus because of that crappy "what's new" app

Google's Android 8.0 Oreo has been served


Re: Yeah, right

Why is it that EE can block the update on my phone! I don't download it from them or via 3/4G so they can F off. I'd try that tactic of putting another SIM in if you know a provider is allowing it.

New plastic banknote plans now upsetting environmental campaigners


Re: RE: Roadkill badgers

However it would coincide with annual Badger Cullhttps://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/dec/16/badger-cull-kills-more-than-10000-animals-three-months-bovine-tb

Mr May might not be happy though. https://youtu.be/5cIlr-LcFsI?t=1m

BBC surrenders 'linear' exclusivity to compete with binge-watch Netflix


Re: If they want to do well

"A: Make your service accessible to as many devices as possible"

Whilst they are at it, please make it work on the devices you have already made it accessible on. I use TiVo and its a dog, programmes load but then start buffering and never catch up. I end up switchign to my wifi FireTV stick to watch iPlayer then stay there to watch whatever Amazon are throwing away for free.


Re: End of the TV Licence

Do you mean less videos that are just text scrolling up on screen over a silent or not dubbed video? They have started to become more apparent on the local news pages. Very cheap looking and makes me go to the local rags for the news rather than BBC.

What went wrong at Tesco Bank?


Re: Santander must also not be hashing passwords

"(which actually allows strong passwords without stupid restrictive rules)" This is the single most annoying thing I find when creating a password on a site.

Why is that some sites will not allow the full use of different types of characters?

Redback sinks fangs into Oz builder's todger


"pressure immobilisation technique"

"The object of pressure immobilisation is to contain venom within a bitten limb and prevent it from moving through the lymphatic system to the vital organs" In this case its already at the most vital of organs. Ouch

Android Wear 5.1: A more enduring wristjob for your pleasure


Re: Sometimes it's the small things

Not sure as I have enabled the Smart Lock feature and can't remember how to lock my phone when at home, but can't you pin keep and therefore have it always there when phone it locked?


Going to try at my next shopping trip.

Sky ponders 200,000-customer MVNO 'trial'. Soft launch, anyone?


Re: MVNO; Mischievious Vultures Need Opiates?

Heroes in a plume of feathers,

Owl power!

Will.i.am gets CUFFED as he announces his new wristjob, the PULS


If only you could have 1 contract with multiple devices that share the contract!

It would be great for the customer but bad for the carriers so no chance of that happening :(

What's the nature of your emergency, Vodafone?


Re: Don't do it like that

Buggy! That is an understatement.

At least I can choose when to ring on TuGo now, although VPNs still defeat it so I only see who is trying to call me, but can't talk to them, texting doesn't have this problem.

It's useful that it runs on a PC too, although a WinPho 8 and Win 8 (including RT) app would be nice.

£100m DMI omnifail: BBC managers' emails trawled by employment tribunal


Re: Use of technology

iPhone? Although can you use evidence if you haven't warned people you are recording them?

NEW Raspberry Pi B+, NOW with - count them - FOUR USB ports


Re: Composite Output

I think my SEGA Game Gear TV had 3.5mm to 1 RCA Out. I also think I still have that cable.

Moto G: Google's KitKat bruiser could knock out, bury Landfill Android


Re: Here is my proper review

re auto-silent-mode, timerific (I think) can set that sort of thing up; the interface is a ig to look at but the app works. Or there is Shush! Which lets you choose how long to stay silent and what volume to return to after that period, which is handy for cinema or meetings.

What a Liberty: Virgin Media in buyout talks with telecoms giant


Re: Yeah, terrible service ...

BS31 is always good, apart from YouTube streaming, but that is a problem all the time.

Nokia tries its luck with a sub-£150 Win Phone 8: The Lumia 620


Re: Sorry - I call bollocks.

Can you send anything via BT on an iPhone, other than audio to headphones or speakers? I know you can get bump or whatever it is called but can the OS do it without apps?

Apple loses iPhone patent lawsuit


Can I just say

I absolutely fucking love this

Instagram starts filtering out hipster pics on Twitter


who's content?

I have never used instagram and after reading this never will.

"I think this is an evolution of where we are with where we want links with our content to go," Systrom told the LeWeb technology conference on Wednesday

Sorry but the only reason this sort of "social" site works is because of the members content. What an arrogant idiot.

Long-suffering Virgin Media victims see no end to vid PURGATORY


Re: Was going to look at virgin but wont bother

I think you needed this icon for your post!

British car parks start reading number plates

Big Brother

Tesco in Keynsham (Bristol) also have these cameras. A friend had a letter through the post saying she had over parked, but because she was a tesco loyalty card holder, they wont fine her this time! I wonder if the amount of moneyh you spend in TEsco sets the automatic letter posting from here s a fine to hey next time leave on time? Also how many Tesco points do you think you can collect for the fine?

Samsung ready to drop faster SSDs


Re: Why not make 'smaller' ones?

"There's the Samsung 830 available at 150 quid with 20 quid cashback on Dabs right now, and that would be my recommendation over any other drive by far." Over the Intel 330's? for similar/same price?

Apple iOS 6 review


Re: Mutual Benefit

Timeriffic, SemiSilent & Shush! Offer the same functionality on Android if you want it. I have been using them for ages now.

Early verdict on Intel Ultrabook™ push: FAIL


Re: what could change my mind

a wireless mouse (with an internal adaptor that does not take up a USB slot)

a wireless headset (ditto)


Samsung snafu grounds blue Galaxy S III


Re: Oh dear

Westfield Stratford had a queue today at 18:00. Made me laugh after seening the barista queueing for a phone pi$$ take advert Samsung do for the Galaxy Note.

Why GM slammed the brakes on its $10m Facebook ads


Re: eyeballs

faecesbook - that really is shit!

Samsung sheds light on low-cost WinPho blower


Re: 5 months and obsolete

Details please, how do you accidently set fire to a phone?

More Brits desert high streets to spend £50bn online


What will actually happen to the "Hight Street"

As in the brick and mortar stores will close (if you listen to some comments above), but then what? What do we do with large buildings with only front and rear access, and possibly only one natural light source?

Its sad to see this happen, but supermarkets started the trend of out of town shopping, now the out of town sites are feeling the strain.

Nokia partners with EA in major WinPho game push


Xbox Live

how much does it cost to have an Xbox live account? I'm not a gamer but thought there was some sort of fee to have access to the service?

Olympus PEN Mini E-PM1


What about Nikon Z or J

Any idea why Nikon didn't go for 4/3, and created a new sensor size? Are they worried amatures will go for these devices rather than the SLRs?

HTC prepares quad-core smartphone for 2012


Phones surf

Or at least smartphones do a hell of a lot of browsing, including things like catchup TV. So that power is useful.

Siri gets over her huff, returns useful as ever


I remember

you could get into a menu to see how many times it had opened. Or was that on the Samsung?

Apple versus Samsung: key points in the ruling


Easy to tell

I find the word Samsung written on one, and a logo of an apple with a bite out of it, the easiest way to decipher which one is which.

I also think that if you are browsing the internet to make your purchase, it is going to be obvious.

This whole thing is madness.

Survey: Most TV viewers surf while they watch

Big Brother


I cant remember seeing many adverts on the on-demand services from ITV, C4, C5. You sometimes get a preview of some other show, or sponsor before they play the programme, but this doesn't bother me, its like DVD adverts.

Also aren't most on-demand portals set-up with all the "Social Media" fancy bits, to point you at where to Thumb up or share you viewing habits?

BB obviously...

Apple to Oz court: ‘Our products are lame, really’


Choice in the future

The reason I like Android, and would possibly like WinPho7 is the choice of handset/tablet available to me, OK I'm locked for as long as a contract/I can afford to upgrade, but if I choose another manufacture I can still use all my apps, I left the apple stable long ago, and haven't looked back.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab bicycle could be dangerous



See title.

Amazon intros $199 movie Kindle


I got mine

in the US from bestbuy, no pre registration that way.

YouView to adopt Freeview channel list rules



your asking them to all look the same, I f'ing hate the way the BBC forces Virgin to use their shit iPlayer wank, when VMs catchup tv interface is much easier. I just have to remember to never select by channel then BBC, and to search by day.

Also if you want this sort of service, would you not be better off just strapping a computer/media centre to your tv so you can use the internet versions of the catchup systems?

BBC website ditches modules in facelift


the problem with the beeb is all the shit they do to try to satisfy all of the audience, I like the fact I can hide shit like "entertainment" I don't go to bbc.co.uk to find out about xfactor or what shoes some dumb ass is wearing, I go there to look for tv schedules for content I watch, news updates, including sport, local news without adverts, and weather.

all the rest is crap. I don't want, someone else might but not me.

I'm sure if I had kids I would use the cbeebies bits as well.

oh and iPlayer, no thanks, I vet that from my Virgin media box, or my Sony network media player that is hooked up to my tv, when that doesn't work its redux for me.


exactly, thought that's what bbc.co.uk/mobile was for. Why not just introduce /touch or /tab /tablet leave the desktop site as is.

Dixons drops Motorola Xoom price... again


I was thinking that same thing

are DSG taking the hit, or is it google stepping in to try and shift them. Any idea if the US have had a similar price cut?

Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Note


for the



I love my desire hd but

this better, as mentioned before great for taking notes, but small enough to always have on you. Although didn't Dell do something this size a year ago?

Virgin Media preps firmware update for glitchy SuperHub


why do a superhub.

what is the point in this “super” device anyway? It must cost them more to ship these things, rather than the good old dumb modems. Why not offer the choice, most people going for the super option probably wouldn't notice much of a difference, would they?

I just have a modem, and prefer the flexibility of using my own wireless device.

Apple, Walmart, and you: Making money in mobile



The PSP allows downloading of games, even a series 1 PSP.

Sony S1 and S2 screenshots leaked



Proprietary cable connection!!! really, why are tablet manufactures going down this route, when all the phones are going standard USB? Just lob a decent charger in the box damn it.

Virgin gives early adopters benefit of recent price cut


still too much for me

The problem I have is that I spent money getting the V+HD Box, which wont be refunded if I go for TiVO, where as someone trading in their standard V Box pays the same as me, If I got extra discount for trading in my V+HD I would deffo go for TiVO, but for now it just costs too much.

Virgin Media to integrate Spotify across multiple platforms


I always use their TV Music on demand service

Its like the box but better, because you dont have to wait, or listen/watch other peoples choices. I often wondered why they didn't have an internet version that only worked on their network.

As Vitani put it, this is cool. Added bonus, nothing to do with apple!


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