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It's official: Journos are dumb as a bag of IE users



I say the Reg conducts a study to prove/debunk this bit of folk wisdom.


Then conduct a survey of journalists who use IE.

Thus proving that IE users are as dumb as a bag of hammers, and journalists are as dumb as a bag of IE users.

Additionally, add an inverted intelligence scale of sorts to the official Reg unit system. Stupidity measured in bags of hammers. (Smaller units can be boxes of rocks or IE users.)

1 bag of hammers=6 boxes of rocks=93 IE users (just for the purposes of example.) Or something along these lines. The higher the IQ, the less IE users.

Dear Ubuntu: The netbook is toast


Interesting article

The Linux Action Show guys cited this.


I do agree that the netbook is on its way out. However, the day that tablets overtake the niche currently occupied by netbooks is a couple years off. Tablets have to overcome some connectivity, compatibility, and performance problems. They also are not upgradable and do not have replaceable parts (not to mention, they're not all that durable as a certain relative of mine likes to prove.) Until the price of tablets drops enough to both compete with netbooks and make them a better value; and until tablets can replace netbooks in terms of functionality, then netbooks will retain their market share, niche as it is.

That aside, Canonical should not put as much work toward them. Yay for the Asus deal,but I'll be impressed when I start seeing Ubuntu as an option on upper-tier kit. (Even Dell only puts it on bottom-of-the-barrel laptops.)

Top Ten Retro PC Games


Some really notable absentees here... no Mechwarrior for starts

There is some good stuff on this list- I love that KOTOR is on there. But still, some really noticeable absentees:

1. Quake series (the first especially, but so many games used the Quake II/III engine...)

2. http://www.reghardware.com/Design/graphics/icons/comment/wtf_32.png

Mechwarrior series, (Take your pick- the arguable origin of the term "clan" in modern gaming, some of the best multi-player of its time in IV...)

3. Soldier of Fortune (GORE)

4. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D- Amazing graphics for its time, and just so addictive.

5. WORMS!!!!!!

Arguably X: Beyond the Frontier/X-pansion and/or its sequels should be here too. Revolutionary for its time- but those are not as known.

Same goes for Nocturne.

Judas Phone: more Photoshop tomfoolery

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