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Grauniad faces offshoring strike


My experiences at Wapping

I was part of the failed Wapping HCL experiment and if that is anything to go by, those at the Grauniad have my every sympathy. Striking was effectively ruled out for us because of the lure of redundancy payments - some people had worked in the IT department for around 20 years and quite rightly they didn't want to lose what was due.

It began by the replacement of the outgoing CTO with the aforementioned Mr Turtle Neck who promptly dispatched virtually the entire IT management team, (save one or two useless arse lickers desperate to save themselves - you know who you are) as well as anyone that knew what they were doing. These were replaced with vacuous yes-men and non-technical managers (I'd be surprised if any of them could change a plug) who were all in on the act, many of them having worked with Clucky before.

Cue much management bullshit when the problems started that no-one could fix because anyone that could had since left. Problems were either blamed on the 'transition period' or successfully defended with that great 21st century invention, ITIL. It's fucking great for problem identification and recording, problem classification, problem investigation and diagnosis etc.. Thing was we didn't have any fucking problems before turtle neck arrived.

Consequently, morale dropped like a stone, productivity ceased, indeed production ceased ito in house development ceased completely. Turtle Neck believes you can buy any type of software off the shelf you see and get a grad' to 'configure it'. Hey presto - new Editorial system!!

Fortunately, he has now had a dose of his own medicine and will soon be off (a consultant for Bernard Matthews I believe). Not nice to be surplus to requirements is it Andy? Still, 3 years to completely fuck up an IT department isn't a bad epitaph for ones CV.

I wish the Grauniad strikers all the best. I wish we'd had the balls to do it when we had the chance.



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