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How Rogue One's Imperial stormtroopers SAVED Star Wars and restored order


The stormtroopers aim explained...

On the subject of stormtrooper accuracy, I am of the opnion that they were shooting pretty well in R1... I noticed them hitting and killing stuff all through the film.

at one point though... you see the monk chanting his force prayer while advancing... and all shots miraculously miss him... this same phenomenon was repeated by the mercenary... using the same chant/mantra.

This makes me think the Force is passively protecting its users by bending the laserbeams to miss... and why in the other movies, where even more force wielding characters are active, the stormtroopers are even worse shots...

im sure the troopers themselves are just as confused about why their shots miss...

the force is all around us.


Does a cloud have to be public, or can it be private?


Re: What is the definition of a "Cloud"

Cloud is the new name we like to give to Hosting.

We have been using the cloud platform for years, only we called it housing, colocation, hosting and whatnot.

with the emergence of virtualization, the hosting solutions moved from providing bare metal servers and storage into providing virtual platforms, easily divided into rentable chunks of capacity.

The big differentiator between cloud and regular hosting, is the automation layer that is added to the platform.

the cloud allows its users to deploy virtual machines in an automated way, the automation layer takes care of all the tricky parts of the deployment. It creates virtual networks, manages the underlying storage, creates and generates virtual machines and deploys applications. All the cloud user really needs to do, is own and configure/manage the application he wants to deploy in the cloud.

Public clouds give you the least amount of control over the environment you pay for.

private clouds allow for a lot more customization of the platform in terms of performance and capacity.

Enterprise customers will never move critical servers into the public cloud space, for several reasons... no guarantees of performance, limited security features, no SLA on uptime, no guarantees on bandwith,... the public cloud will alwyas have a limited range of uses. for anything else, there is the private or hybrid formula. which is essentially the same, apart for location and customizability.


Falling share price exposes NetApp


Re: NetApp and Cisco

"With EMC making servers... "

what mystical server range are you talking about?

Cisco is the one making servers these days, occupying the number 2 and number 3 spots in US and Emea respectively, in terms of new kit sales...

Cisco's partnered up with both EMC and Netapp at this moment for Vblock and flexpod solutions, with very little care on EMC's side...

I could imagine Cisco wanting a piece of the storage pie, but as with the UCS systems, they are more likely to try and reinvent a storage box to integrate in their Unified view on IT.


Intel, IBM, and HP back open source against VMware



also co-produced the LTO - ULTRIUM tape racket... along with Quantum as a 3rd partner in crime...

that worked pretty well imho.


Gamers raid medical server to host Call of Duty


modern docs need roaming access to patients

@AC : the server is probably part of the Electronic Patient File system, allowing doctors to access a patient medical history and info from anywhere in the hospital and likely also remotely. no suprise there.


VMware scales up vSphere virt, rejigs prices


128 cores - 2TB memory, sounds familiar...

How nice of vmware to finally adapt their specs to suit the machines they have been helping develop...

In this case the Bullion server, built by Bull.

specs can be found here : http://www.bull.com/bullion/bullion_specsheet.pdf

Launched back in april, it comes with Esxi embedded for all your virtualization needs, with a particular focus on virtualizing those business critical applications you never dared to virtualize before.



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