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OVH data centres go TITSUP: Power supply blunders blamed


15:37 - still down

My machine is still down at 15:38 UK time.

UK terror law probe stresses 'safeguards' amid MI5 plot claims


Re: If there was a "number of life-threatening terrorist plots"...

Thats the kind of thinking that ends up with headlines about Police/MI5 collusion in murders (like in Northern Ireland) or stories about (successful) terrorist atrocities and the authorites admitting that the person was known to them but we really didn't think they were doing anything wrong, honest.

Deferred gratification really doesn't work when it comes to criminal/terrorist activities.

Megaupload overlord Kim Dotcom: The US has radicalised me!


Re: Ecuadoran Embassy

Put wheels on and it becomes a mobile cupboard!

Stephen Fry MADNESS: 'New domain names GENERATE NEW IP NUMBERS'


Re: so every new domain/user generates another server farm, eh?

"redirection record can be pointed to any IP address, V.4 or V.6, generally through a MX record"...

You really have NO idea how DNS works, do you? Go on, admit it, we will forgive you.


Uh, "_" (underscore) is NOT a valid character in a domain name.

I'm presuming the rest of the post is sarcasm.

Android engineer: We didn't copy Apple or follow Samsung's orders


All Prior Art?

#Apple sues #Samsung again over #Android phones.

Apple #patents:

- Data Tapping. Ability to dial a phone number from a number in a text message? My Sony Ericsson T39 from 2001 could do that.

- Unified Search. Search several sources, like contacts, email, etc from one search box. Google Desktop had that in 2004.

- Asynchronous Data syncing. Woo - take two well established technologies (Database async replication ['90s], and user interaction, e.g. JSON/Web [2001]) and glue them together and patent it.

- Slide to unlock? I thought this was already sufficiently debunked and invalidated??? http://news.techeye.net/mobile/apple-did-not-invent-slide-to-unlock

Apple sends in the bulldozers as Fruit Loop construction begins


Not in Cupertino City Centre

"is a huge new building which will dock right in the centre of Cupertino City."

The site is nowhere near Cupertino City Centre (Center for the 'mercans). It is actually about 1.5 miles NE of the city centre. Not that Cupertino city centre has much going for it. Symantec is about the only tech company that can claim to be in the city centre.

Lightning strikes USB bosses: Next-gen jacks will be REVERSIBLE


And *still* no analogue audio support. :(

Intel quote:

> “This new industry standards-based thin connector delivering data, power and video is the only connector one will need across all devices.”

That's ok then because we don't want audio with our video and speaker docks.

Reply-all email lightning storm STRIKES TWICE at Cisco


Re: Troll nostalgia

If Outlook existed when you were at school then you are not permitted to use the word nostalgia you young whipper-snapper. :p

Amazon yanks SimCity download from store


Re: unfortunately

> You bought a license to use a game, which is revokable and modifiable at any time by the seller.

The courts in Europe disagree. EA sold you a license to a game, which in its own right means you now own title to that one game and EA has "patent exhaustion" over that one copy (or license) of the game. Essentially this means that EA can not tell you what to do with it.

See Oracle v. UsedSoft.


Well no.

You have no recourse under DSR - but you absolutely have a full right to refund under the Sale of Good Act.

What you purchase must be fit for purpose. In this instance it has been absolutely demonstrated and proved that the product was faultly and so you are immediately entitled, in law, to a full and complete refund.

Report them to your local Trading Standards Office.

BT to end traffic throttling - claims capacity is FAT


Guess you didn't try very hard.

BT throttle P2P ports. I tunnelled all my traffic through a ssh tunnel to my VPS in the US - no throttles on any of the traffic, or by several-GB backup dumps.


For all the bitching and whining at BT...

I don't see any other providers doing much to roll out services these days. They aren't building networks. At least BT is (albeit with Govt "assistance").

I live in the sticks, my line was 11km from the exchange. Had Satellite for a couple of years then BT, somehow managed to make 512kbps (old) ADSL work over this 11km. Awesome, I was happy.

Then they put a FTTC cab 2km from my house - excellent - couldn't get Infinity as I could "only" achieve 14Mbit - wow - I'd have been happy with 2Mbit. Now 1 year later (and a new BT homehub 3 Type B - cos it is better) and I'm reliably getting 16Mbit. So on Friday, I called up and asked about the new deals - They are upgrading me to the Unlimited Infinity 2 package at £22.65pm on a 12 month contract. Existing customers get it cheaper than the £26pm and can get a 12 month contract, not an 18 month one. I may not go much or any faster than the current 16Mbit, but I'll be paying a couple of quid less, so yay for that.

Still, the nearest alternative network (Virgin) is over 25 miles from my house, so why should I bitch at BT? At least they're doing something.

ReDigi fights for right to sell used digital music


ReDigi should move to Europe - Oracle case law allows digital resale

Oracle recently lost a case in Europe where they argued to prevent the resale of "second hand" oracle licenses. The same principle would apply to music sales.

Further - many european countries have "Fair contract" laws - and if they would like those examined in the court also they may find several of their one-sided agreement clauses thrown out as unfair.

I summarised the key findings of the ruling on my blog. Although I'm talking about software (and game) resale - It is just digital content resale (and so everyone is using the same arguments as the music labels "you can't make a copy") - the same principle applies to digital Music.


Cambridge boffins: Chip and PIN cards CAN be cloned – here's how


> In a statement, the UK's Financial Fraud Action told El Reg:

> We've never claimed that chip and PIN is 100 per cent secure....

Whoever the "UK's Financial Fraud Action" are... Maybe they didn't but the banking industry have absolutely claimed that chip and pin is 100% secure.



Or just google for yourself: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=%22chip+and+PIN+is+secure%22+-%22never+claimed+that+chip+and+pin+is%22

Now Apple wants Samsung S III, Galaxy Notes off the shelves too


Re: Apply this logic to cars

> patented innovative certainly-never-seen-before Apple features like "icons arranged in rows as opposed to a haphazard overlapping rabble"

You mean, like Windows Desktop ?

Samsung tells Apple: Quit your 'frivolous' whining over court doc leak


Re: And another fandroid pops up with a wildly over-simplified description of Apple's design patent

Well, if I'm a fandroid, you are a fapple.



Re: Only 30 lightyears ...

Err its only 30 years to the outside observer. Relativity says that the traveller will not experience that time... so assuming they can travel at just under the speed of light, it'll seem like the journey took less than 1 second.

Flip side is, perhaps realisically, it'll take 100+ years (to the outside) observer, and so internally there will be generations who live and die in on the trip.


Hurry up.

Apple is bound to run out of patent infringers here soon. Just imagine the possibilities of suing whole other world's full of infringing technologies! I'm buying more APPL right now.

Double whammy: The music tax based on deep packet inspection

Big Brother


Why attempt to decriminalise something which is not criminal in the first place?

Another important thing to know is that you can not contract your way out of a criminal act. i.e. No two parties can agree anything is allowed or permitted, if it is a criminal act. If the Music industry wants to criminalise the public for P2P, then it can never commercially levy, tax or contract against that action.

The original article's reporting appears to have bought into the whole "copyright infringement is really theft/piracy" argument and fails to point out, that legally, the definitions of the terms are clear and not the same.

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