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Home Office crime maps go to street-level detail

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Re: JaitcH

Iinsurers have already it used it to refuse someone car insurance as there was a car theft on his street in December. He was on the local radio this morning speaking about it.

UK tech retailers are rubbish


Which wine is best?

"When I was a young lad of 17 or 18 I had a part-time job stacking shelves in Asda. I was on the beers, wines and spirits section.

Many times a customer came in and asked me what wine would go well with lamb, or whatever. How the fuck would I know?"

Exact same thing used to happen to me at a wholesaler that served a large number of very middle class (see: snobby) women. I would be asked what wine was the best for Christmas lunch. When I apologised, told them I had no idea but I would go find someone that did (we had "wine experts" on staff for this type of thing) you should have heard the filth come out of her mouth! She basically expected me, in dust and dirt covered clothes cutting open boxes to know my Merlot from my Sauvignon. Daft bint.

I do sometimes think that customers expect a bit too much, and that you should look up the damn info beforehand!

Call of Duty DDoS attack police arrest teen

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So that was what...

...he was on about. I kept getting messages from some child on MW2 accusing me of boosting and I had no idea what he was on about. So, I am so good he thinks I cheat? Excellent :P

UK.gov slams Facebook over Moat fan clubs


Don't blame the social workers...

Most of the blame is on the Gubment. Just because Moat asked for help does not mean the social workers should be blamed for not giving it to him. There are more people in need of help than there are resources to give it. If they helped him, some other poor sod would not have been given it, and he could have gone on the killing spree.

You only ever hear about the social workers' work when things go wrong. How about hearing about it when it goes right for a change? That would be more use of Cameron's time than complaining about FB, or pissing about with stupid sites to find laws to repeal.

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